Free ASO Promotion Hacks, Part 2: Work on Visual Component

11 August 2023
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This is the second part of our Free ASO Promotion Hacks series. In our previous article, we focused on text metadata, and today we will more deeply discuss the visual component in ASO.

While text metadata plays a crucial role in determining an app’s position in store search results, visual elements significantly impact the conversion rate. So, you should take a responsible approach when creating icons, videos, and selecting screenshots for your app. Now, let’s take a closer look at how to effectively utilize visual metadata in ASO.

Working on the icon

App icons serve as a visual representation of your app and are the first impression users have of it. App icons help users quickly identify and locate your app among others on their device. They can also be used to create a recognizable brand and establish a connection with your target audience. Let’s take a look at some important stages of working on your app’s icon.

Competitor analysis 

To begin work on the visual component, it is essential to conduct a thorough analysis of your competitors. Focus on examining the icons of popular apps within your niche. Consider what elements in their icons attract users and contemplate how you can create something even better, more captivating, and more original. It is crucial for your app’s icon to stand out from the crowd, catching the user’s attention and enticing them to download it.

Imagine this scenario: you have created a meditation app and are faced with competitors who have their own distinct app icons, as shown below. Take a moment to contemplate the unique features and benefits that your app offers to users, and consider how you can effectively showcase these qualities through your app icon. 

Free ASO Promotion Hacks, Part 2: Work on Visual Component

Creation process

When designing an app icon, it is important to ensure that it meets the following criteria:

  • Colorful and attractive. The icon should be visually appealing and grab the attention of users. Using vibrant colors can help make it stand out among other app icons.
  • High quality. Make sure the icon is created with high-resolution graphics to maintain clarity and sharpness, even on different devices and screen sizes.
  • Reflects uniqueness. The icon should convey the unique qualities and characteristics of the application. It should differentiate your app from competitors and accurately represent its purpose or niche.
  • Reflects functionality and benefits. Design the icon, so it provides a glimpse into the functionality and benefits that users can expect from the app. It should give a general indication of what the app offers and how it can enhance the user experience.

Free ASO Promotion Hacks, Part 2: Work on Visual Component


Once you have created multiple variations of the icon (it is better to have several options), conduct A/B testing to compare the results. This testing will help you determine the most effective option or identify if all the options are weak, in which case you may need to revisit the icon development process. A/B testing allows you to select the icon that resonates best with your target audience.

Event marketing

If you believe that creating a single icon for your app will suffice for all occasions, it’s not entirely accurate. This approach may work if your app fulfills specific technical needs and users will utilize it regardless of your marketing efforts. 

However, if it is important for you to regularly engage users and evoke positive emotions, event marketing can be a valuable strategy. This involves updating the app icon to align with seasonal events or holidays. For example, during fall, you can incorporate a yellow maple leaf into the icon; as Christmas approaches, consider adding a Santa suit or a red gift box to the image, etc. 

GEO understanding

Also, consider the specific GEOs you are targeting, as they may have their own localized holidays and other influential events. Take cultural nuances into account as they can affect the app’s conversion rate. Choose colors and characters carefully, explore social aspects and landmarks. By understanding the GEOs and tracking relevant agendas, you can effectively plan your marketing strategies and tailor your app’s visual elements accordingly.

Visual elements of the product page  

Within the product page, videos and screenshots serve as valuable complements to the app description. They provide users with a visual representation of how your app functions and looks in action, helping them make an informed decision about whether to download it. By showcasing the app’s features and user interface through videos and screenshots, you can effectively engage users and increase the likelihood of conversions.

Free ASO Promotion Hacks, Part 2: Work on Visual Component

Free ASO Promotion Hacks, Part 2: Work on Visual Component

General visual consistency

Ensure that the visual elements of your app in the store align with your brand and app’s style. Consistency in images and graphics helps create a cohesive and memorable image for your app, preventing any confusion or miscommunication.

It is important to strike a balance and avoid creating inflated expectations through visuals in the store. While appealing visuals can attract users, it is crucial to maintain transparency and accurately represent your app’s features and functionalities. Misleading users can lead to disappointment and result in app deletions.

Free ASO Promotion Hacks, Part 2: Work on Visual Component


Optimizing the visual component of your app is essential for successful app store optimization. By creating an appealing and unique app icon, utilizing event marketing, understanding GEO-specific holidays, and maintaining visual consistency, you can effectively engage users, increase conversions, and build a strong brand image. Additionally, incorporating videos and screenshots on the product page provides users with a visual representation of your app’s features and functionality, helping them make informed decisions. By striking a balance between appealing visuals and accurate representation, you can build trust with users and drive the success of your app.

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