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Editor’s letter

Zorbas Media team and editorial office send you the warmest regards!

Editor-in-chief is on the cable with our weekly report.

“What do you mean by “on the cable”?” you may ask. And I will gladly answer you, “Literally, on the fibre-optic cable.” The content of this weekly letter is carried straight to the Internet across this cable. The thing is that this week we finally set up a proper Internet connection at our new office. Before that we only had the mobile web, and now it’s the cable Internet connection. The editorial team is really happy about that, as the connection we previously had was a total disaster.

The week started with a new interview. We finally posted a Russian-language episode with Ksenia Kostina, who is the founder and CEO of a large financial affiliate network. The network generates almost 50% of all online credit submits for certain banks and financial organizations. It was a pleasure to talk to Ksenia because she is a very open and friendly person. Check out this honest interview about how an affiliate network operates.

We held the second practice-oriented part of our native traffic workshop and published it on YouTube. Guys from the marketing department say that we knocked it out of the park, and our partners received tons of messages on Telegram. We will continue to make informative and hands-on workshops so that everyone can learn how to work with traffic and finally buy a sports car.

In the middle of the week, we released a podcast with Artyom Kravchenko of Adcombo( it is in Russian). Artyom drives huge volumes of traffic from Facebook and does marketing for the Adcombo affiliate network. He also exposes shady individuals in CPA business. Like Commissioner Juve, he will be restless until every fraudster is brought to justice, and that’s what we talked about. Now you know where to seek justice.

We also announced the winner of the competition held jointly with Sam Media. In my opinion, the prize was absolutely fantastic — a ticket to AWE in Barcelona from Sam Media. The full ticket price is more than €1000, and it’s definitely worth the money, even more so that this conference is one of the major events in the world. And in this case the winner gets the ticket for free. All you had to do was to leave a comment. So, don’t forget to participate in our competitions. The rules are always simple, and the rewards are grand. Next week we will announce our next major competition with super cool prizes.


As for the articles

We talked to our friends and colleagues and made the review of the MAC conference. People who actually attended the event and saw everything with their own eyes shared their opinions in this review. See for yourself and decide whether to go to the next conference or not. I personally liked this one. The only thing that confused me was a scrap yard on the way to the venue.

We compiled a list of Telegram chats. Chats are actually very useful for establishing business connections and finding answers to some of your questions. Join in and start chatting. After all, communication is very important in affiliate marketing.

We discussed Facebook and its development plans: Mark Zuckerberg wants to generate more profit from e-commerce rather than ads. We also published an article about working with leadforms, i.e. generating leads in Facebook without creating a landing page.

We have an interesting week ahead: we are going to publish and shoot new interviews and work on some very interesting articles. See you next Sunday!


Alexis Zorba, editor-in-chief

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