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Case: Poland, downloads, MegaPush. +$813!

Hi everyone!

Many affiliates avoid working with desktop traffic for some unclear reasons. Those who have always worked with mobile traffic (and the author of this case is one of them) tend to think that there is no such thing as PC traffic. When it comes to push notifications, desktop traffic belongs to the premium segment, as the subscription funnel, in this case, is much more complex than that of Android traffic (due to a JS alert). We decided to give it a try and earned $800 driving traffic to a small GEO. All the details can be found in this case.

Campaign time period: 30.04.2019 – 05.05.2019
Ad network: MegaPush
Affiliate network: ClickDealer
Spent: ~$2,079
Earned: ~$2,893
Profit: $813
ROI: 39%

Back in June 2018, when push notifications had only started gaining momentum, a ClickDealer manager told me that desktop software was converting very well with relation to push traffic. At that time, I didn’t take much notice of these words, but I turned out to be wrong.

Our team started to take an interest in downloads for reasons long forgotten only after the New Year holidays. Then we faced some difficulties: sometimes the traffic was of poor quality, sometimes campaigns would not convert… So, we made a decision to put the thing off.

However, we didn’t want to drop this idea without generating at least some profit, and even more so that we had tested lots of creatives, landings, approaches and so on.

Eventually, some countries out of a multitude of GEOs we had tested started converting well. Poland was one of them. It generated surprisingly large volumes of traffic in MegaPush (up to 50k clicks per 24 hours!). This is quite a huge number when it comes to desktop traffic.

Text creative that we used:

Ostrzeżenie! (Attention!)

Czy twój system działa wolno? (Is your OS working slowly?)

And a couple of pictures:


OS: Windows

As a rule, the bid didn’t exceed $0.012, and that’s why the traffic price was really low.

Some problems we faced:

  • Paying close attention to feeds. Many feeds stop converting after a certain period of time, and that’s why I recommend you check them as often as possible and disable those plunging into the red.
  • The inability to target a campaign according to different OS versions. It’s not a big issue when all versions are generating profit. However, it would be cool to run separate campaigns and adjust the bid accordingly:

Overall, the campaign was running relatively stable throughout the week. All we did was to update the bid and disable bids that didn’t perform well. Here are the daily statistics from a tracker:

Some personal observations:

  • Desktop traffic is a must try. As regards performance, it converts much better than mobile traffic. Of course, PC traffic is not suitable for all verticals, but it has a number of advantages such as a) the number of notifications on a computer is lower than on a mobile device; b) a disabled JS alert didn’t allow the collection of misleading data for a database and therefore the quality of desktop traffic is higher.
  • When working with MegaPush, close attention should be paid to feeds and also the bid, which will enable you not to pay extra (the average and recommended bids are quite dynamic).
  • If you are planning to work with downloads, always opt for a CPI model (cost per install) at the start. After that, you can switch to CPS (cost per sale). ClickDealer will account for the sales from your installs in the statistics, while the number of feed is sent through token s1 (to that end, you should add s1={feedid} to the offer link if you don’t use a tracker).

As a small bonus, we would like to share with you 30 English-language creatives that we used when creating campaigns. 

Not all will pass moderation, so I recommend you try several creatives from each category. Thank you for taking the time!

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