Driving Dating Push Traffic to the UK

28 July 2022
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Hello everyone!

Look how successful I was in driving push traffic to a UK dating offer!

Vertical: Dating

Affiliate Network: AdsEmpire

Source: TacoLoco

Ad format: push notifications


Offer: OneNightFriend

Costs: $468.2

Revenue: $1,085

Profit: $616.8

ROI: 132%

It usually takes a lot of time to pick up a good offer. Finding something really interesting is an age-old problem. It’s much easier to engage experienced managers from an affiliate program who will facilitate your search and send you a fresh offer that suits your needs! Great Britain was my main goal. This is one of the top GEOs for dating, but I haven’t tested it yet. I decided to launch my campaign on a small budget and turned for help and advice to my AdsEmpire manager. The right offer was found very quickly. It was a UK OneNightFriend.com SOI WAP offer with a $3.50 payout. I decided to waste no time and got started right away. I’m quite experienced with push notifications, so the choice of ad format was obvious. In addition, push notifications are a fairly popular format in affiliate marketing, and I buy them from different sources from time to time. This time I decided to drive traffic from the TacoLoco network.

So, first things first.

Promo selection

I always choose banners carefully and have already built up a small database, which I keep replenishing. For push notifications, I prefer to use “live” photos, preferably selfies. From my own experience, perfect “glossy” images of girls don’t catch the eye, so I decided to use this banner:

Driving Dating Push Traffic to the UK

Let me remind you about the importance of using pre-landing pages for the dating vertical: they allow you to “warm up” your audience and cut off inappropriate traffic. But please don’t overload users with questions. Two or three will be enough:

Driving Dating Push Traffic to the UK

The campaign setup

In the TacoLoco admin panel, you can preview ads when setting up or editing your campaigns, which is convenient for understanding how users will see them. Ours looks like this:

Driving Dating Push Traffic to the UK

Then we set up targeting – we select the platform, operating system, GEO, and CPC value, and also set the daily limit. 

Driving Dating Push Traffic to the UK

Let’s analyze each of the elements in more detail.

  • Platform. The choice of the target platform depends on what is stated in the offer. The two main platforms are mobile and desktop. Each works differently on specific offers, so comparing them is basically irrelevant. Of course, a request for mobile targeting is more common, especially for the dating vertical, but you should not write off the desktop platform, among others, there are really interesting offers with good payouts. In our case, we select Mobile, as indicated in the condition.
  • Operating system. Speaking specifically about push notifications, Android and Windows Phone are available for mobile devices. I do not divide them, because the share of Windows phone users is often too small to have any real influence.
  • GEO depends on the conditions of the offer.
  • CPC Value — the admin panel will often suggest a recommended bid, as well as the maximum and minimum value. Some networks even indicate the amount of traffic that we will receive at a certain rate. But do not forget that this is a bidding purchase, and at any moment one of our competitors may get ahead of us — and we’ll lose our positions. Therefore, you need to review the statistics of the campaigns from time to time and quickly respond in case of a drop in volumes.
  • Daily budget — this all depends, of course, on the funds you have available and your willingness to spend them on tests. In order not to spend too much, keep the campaign’s limit in mind. This can be either a daily budget limit or the total campaign budget. I almost always use the first option. The risk of losing money is minimized if a mistake was made when setting up a campaign.

 About additional targeting settings: 

  • The choice of language is especially important in locations where there are several main languages, as well as in large countries such as the United States, where there are large diasporas of representatives of countries with other languages. By choosing a language, we thereby target a more specific solvent audience;
  • Time targeting — here you need to test, since there are many instances individual to each country. Don’t forget to consider the time zone you’re in and the time zone of the country you set up time targeting for;

It is worth noting that each network has almost identical targeting settings, where additional settings can be added, but in general, everything is identical.


$468 was spent in 6 days.

Driving Dating Push Traffic to the UK

I got 310 conversions. Total revenue was $1,085.

Driving Dating Push Traffic to the UK

  • Profit: $617
  • ROI: 132%


I managed to achieve good results even on a small budget, so I consider the campaign a success. All I have to do next is scale it up and test new promos.

Now, I’m discussing with my manager plans for the same offer for a different GEO. For AdsEmpire specialists, finding relevant and profitable offers is never a problem. And if you’d like to try your hand at dating offers, reach out to Viktoria from AdsEmpire affiliate network for more information about the terms.

Good luck!

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