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Ian Fernando. From affiliate marketing to Amazon FBA business and beyond

During AWE in Barcelona, we met with Ian Fernando, a long-time affiliate, to talk about his career, affiliate marketing and his plans for the future that involve his shift to Amazon FBA.

Past and present

Ian started out in affiliate marketing almost 15 years ago after googling how to make money online. At first, he was reselling stuff on eBay, but later he found out about CPA marketing and immediately got involved in it, as he didn’t have time to work with clients properly. Eventually, he left his 3 jobs and became a full-time affiliate.

On Amazon FBA

After many years in affiliate marketing and his past experience with eBay, Ian decided to shift to E-commerce. During the interview, he breaks down his approach to working with Amazon FBA in detail and discusses how you can make it work. In his opinion, Amazon FBM is a great tool, and so affiliates can actually learn how to work with it and make money on it.

He also explains how to build a business process that started bringing him profit in just a few months and how much investment you need.

On getting your hands dirty

In Ian’s opinion, the best way to learn is to get down to business and start learning and gaining experience, even if it costs you money and resources. It was this approach that helped him learn how to work with Amazon FBA. At first, he was just spending money to gain experience, but now he turns this experience into profit.


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