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ZorbasMedia team at TES 2019 conference!

Hello everyone!
We have two messages for you all at once:

1 — We’re proudly presenting the ZorbasMedia team. Not in its entirety, but most of it. ZorbasMedia is made up of more than 10 people already, and we work tirelessly to produce the best quality content that’s relevant in the affiliate marketing sphere. On the pictures, we’re next to our press zone, at the station where we were working during all three days of TES in Portugal, which is what the second point’s about.

2 — We’ve done a big review of one of the oldest and biggest affiliate marketing conferences in Europe: TES. We interviewed a lot of key people in the industry, and also substantively and thoroughly discussed how the conference gets put together and what happens behind the scene with the organizers. We’ll show and tell you everything soon. Subscribe and stay up to date with all the events!
Separately, we’d like to express gratitude for the sponsors of our media presence in Lisbon: leo.cash and Binom Tracker companies. Thank you, friends!

Your ZorbasMedia.

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