Emerging Trends and Marketing Strategies: Pinterest Predictions for 2024

15 December 2023
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482 million people turn to Pinterest to map out future ventures in areas ranging from their homes and meals to vacations they plan to take. The platform thereby becomes a unique indicator of emerging trends, previewing which phenomena are likely to surge in popularity soon.

Each year as the clock ticks down to the New Year, Pinterest unveils its projections for the year ahead, drawing insights from the search patterns of its user base. These reports are always a curiosity, rich in interpretation, seemingly bound only by your imagination.

Today, we delve into conjecture on ways you might leverage insights from the Pinterest Predicts report to enhance your advertising strategies!

Emerging aesthetics in beauty and jewelry

While Pantone has crowned “peach fuzz” the color of the year for 2024, it appears that the real trendsetter shade will be aquamarine. This hue is experiencing a renaissance in the beauty world, with aquamarine makeup returning in a strikingly bold form. In 2024, both Generation Z and Millennials will creatively adapt this throwback from the ’60s into their contemporary beauty practices, extending even to their nail art.

Emerging Trends and Marketing Strategies: Pinterest Predictions for 2024

Notice the headband adorning the girl’s hair in the above image? It’s a nod to another emerging trend. As we move into 2024, aesthetics in beauty and jewelry are set to become more extravagant and audacious. Both Millennials and Generation Z are likely to choose accessories that complement their “fluffy hair” looks and larger-than-life, sculptural jewelry pieces.

Complementing the collection of voluminous, textured hairstyles and statement jewelry pieces is the inclusion of silvery hues and striking chrome accents. Metallics are slated to become a fashion staple in 2024, as Generation Z and Millennials shift from neutral tones to more intense metallic shades.

Emerging Trends and Marketing Strategies: Pinterest Predictions for 2024

Unleashing the power of emerging trends in beauty and fashion

For marketers working in the beauty and fashion industries, the emerging trends described are a treasure trove of actionable insights. Here’s how this information can be used to craft effective marketing strategies for the 2024 season:

  • Content: Content strategies can feature tutorials, blog posts, and social media content that showcases how to incorporate aquamarine into various beauty looks. User-generated content campaigns could encourage customers to share their own aquamarine-inspired looks.
  • Collaborations: Brands may collaborate with influencers or celebrities known for their bold style to showcase how they incorporate these trends. This can boost credibility and reach a wider audience.
  • Promo offers: Salons and beauty service providers can run promotions for services that tie in with the trend — for example, discounts on services that include an aquamarine makeup look or incorporate metallic elements.
  • Social media aesthetics: Social media accounts can adopt the aquamarine and metallic hues in their aesthetic, capturing the attention of those scrolling through their feeds and reinforcing brand relevance.

Nostalgia meets celebration

In 2024, generation Z and boomers will lean into a sartorial nostalgia, incorporating distinctive and bold pieces from various periods into their wardrobes. Picture a blend of vintage street style, sophisticated cardigans, and well-fitted garments. Next year, it appears you’ll have complete freedom to mix and match the seemingly incompatible. The key is to showcase it to the audience effectively.

Emerging Trends and Marketing Strategies: Pinterest Predictions for 2024

Not only will outfits tinged with a touch of gray evoke a sense of nostalgia, but so will the flair of particular celebrations such as weddings. Next year is set to witness a significant revival of 70s-themed nuptials. From disco-themed decorations to Bohemian-themed bachelorette parties, both boomers and millennials are fueling this vintage-styled resurgence onto the dance floor.

Emerging Trends and Marketing Strategies: Pinterest Predictions for 2024

Do we really need to spell out the myriad places and services people frequent in preparation for a wedding? Consider the array of stylists, designers, bridal boutiques, eateries, possibly entertainers, and a whole host of other vendors. With this in mind, it would be wise to take this trend into account when devising your advertising strategies for the upcoming year.

How marketers can harness nostalgia to engage consumers

Here’s how marketers can incorporate this insight into their marketing plans:

  • Visual storytelling: Effective visual campaigns can tell a story that connects on an emotional level, incorporating memories and vintage styles to resonate with both the older and younger generations.
  • Content: Guides, blog posts, and social media content centered around planning a vintage wedding or incorporating nostalgic elements into modern wardrobes could help establish brands as authorities in this niche.
  • Cross-promo: Teaming up with related businesses, such as vintage furniture rentals or classic car hire companies, could provide comprehensive packages for clients planning themed weddings or events.
  • Personalized customer experience: Offering personalized styling sessions or consultations can help customers mix and match to create their unique vintage-inspired style, enhancing the purchasing journey.

Food fusions

Prepare yourself for a culinary revelation because the upcoming food trends are quite astonishing. The year 2024 is set to witness a delicious amalgamation of two beloved indulgences — “hamburger quesadillas” and “pizza pies.” This innovative fusion is sure to be a hit, especially among generation X and boomers, who will revel in this novel gastronomic delight.

If pizza pot pie, gummy candy kebabs, carbonara ramen, cheeseburger tacos, and burger quesadilla seem like unconventional pairings to you, brace yourself — these are the latest culinary crazes.

Emerging Trends and Marketing Strategies: Pinterest Predictions for 2024

The wild food trends will mellow out with the another upcoming trend, where beloved recipes will adopt a tropical twist. Boomers and gen Z are set to spearhead this trend toward an escapist theme, which will be characterized by hibiscus patterns and tantalizing non-alcoholic cocktails.

Emerging Trends and Marketing Strategies: Pinterest Predictions for 2024

Leveraging food fusion trends for business success

Here are various ways marketers can leverage the information on impending food fusion trends to engage customers and promote business:

  • Social media campaigns: Running targeted social media campaigns showcasing the eye-catching and, perhaps, unexpected visuals of food fusions can create virality. Generation X and boomers are increasingly active on platforms like Facebook and Instagram, where appealing images can have significant reach.
  • Recipe content creation: Sharing recipes or cooking tutorials for at-home versions of these food fusions can help engage food enthusiasts and establish the brand as a thought-leader in the culinary trend space.
  • Influencer marketing: Engaging with food bloggers and influencers to share their experiences with these fusion dishes can lend authenticity and extend outreach to potential customers.
  • Customer engagement: Through contests and social media campaigns asking customers to submit their own fusion ideas, companies can foster community and involve customers directly in the trend.

Eclectic home decor

The fusion of unexpected elements isn’t confined to just cuisine and fashion — home decor, particularly interior design, is poised for an eclectic overhaul. In the next year, generation X and boomers will playfully adorn their kitchen spaces, drawing on treasures from thrift shops, retro appliances, and bold hues. No minimalist design trend will hold sway over their vibrant decorating choices.

Also, in 2024, prepare to embrace the Western Goth aesthetic: a style where vintage American chic meets rich, somber tones. Anticipate a trend where generation Z and DIY-savvy boomers incorporate dark, edgy accents and a palette of deep, intense shades into their spaces.

Emerging Trends and Marketing Strategies: Pinterest Predictions for 2024

Effective marketing tactics for home decor trends

Here’s how the information is beneficial across different marketing functions:

  • Social media campaigns: Encouraging customers to share their eclectic home spaces on social media using certain hashtags can create user-generated content and inspiration boards, further engaging customers and promoting the trend.
  • Educational content: Providing blogs, videos, and tutorials on how to incorporate these trends into different living spaces can position a brand as a thought leader in the home decor space and drive search engine traffic.
  • Collaborations with design influencers: Partnering with prominent home decor influencers who embody the eclectic or Western Goth style can capture the attention of their followers and drive brand interest.

Personal wellbeing and balance

Preserving the environment is commendable, yet shouldn’t you also consider your own wellbeing? In 2024, personal grooming is set to become significantly important. Both boomers and generation Z are expected to fuel a substantial increase in the demand for high-end moisturizers and at-home spa experiences.

Tranquility won’t solely stem from cozy nights spent with skincare essentials. In 2024, individuals are plotting getaways that eschew the hustle and allow ample downtime. Generation Z and millennials, in particular, will seek out serene destinations far removed from the hectic pace of a jam-packed schedule.

Another path to attaining a meaningful balance will involve forming more profound bonds. Generation Z and millennials will spearhead this movement, pursuing fresh conversational themes and personal matters that will assist partners in rekindling their connections.

Emerging Trends and Marketing Strategies: Pinterest Predictions for 2024

The information can be instrumental for marketers in the following ways:

  • Wellness travel packages: Marketers can capitalize on the desire for tranquility by curating travel packages focused on serenity and downtime. This might include retreats, wellness-focused resorts, and experiences that promote disconnection from daily busyness.
  • Experience-centric branding: The focus on attaining personal balance extends to consumer experiences. Brands can market their products or services as components of a balanced lifestyle that encompasses quiet leisure time, personal growth, and self-pampering.
  • Content strategies: Content marketing could focus on educating consumers on the importance of work-life balance, self-care routines, and the psychological benefits of disconnecting and recharging, thereby fostering a connection with the brand’s wellness philosophy.
  • Subscription boxes: Monthly subscription boxes that promote personal wellness, such as a curated selection of luxurious self-care products, may appeal to consumers looking for continual refreshment of their self-care routines.

Final thoughts

To sum up, these trends suggest that 2024 will be a year of bold expressions, nostalgic influences, fusion in cuisine, sustainable practices, and a comprehensive focus on wellbeing and personal connections. Each of these areas provides a potential market to tap into, and businesses in these industries can strategize to align their products and services with these emerging preferences.

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