Tips for Recruiting via LinkedIn

28 February 2023
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Recruiting affiliates to your team, company, or affiliate network is not an easy task. The field is not yet that big, and you have to work hard to find really valuable staff. If you are tired of fruitless searches on specialist forums or social groups, try LinkedIn. It’s a professional recruitment platform for business, and you can find any specialist there, even an affiliate marketer. In this article, we’ll talk about the intricacies of affiliate recruiting and understand the benefits of LinkedIn for finding professionals and beyond.

Why use LinkedIn?

The core value of this platform is to create a community of professionals for business networking. It is the world’s largest professional network, with over 830 million users in over 200 countries.

LinkedIn is a great place to build relationships of both personal and professional interest. Networking on LinkedIn can help you connect with your community while expanding your brand visibility to attract professionals from your niche.

The LinkedIn platform has many different features that make it a great place to find co-workers. Forums, groups, and search capabilities make it the perfect space to find people interested in your field. The best part is that you can be sure of their qualification because their educational level and all stages of their career path are clearly displayed in their personal profile.

Tips for Recruiting via LinkedIn

Tips for recruiting via LinkedIn

1. Create a face for your brand

It’s about your affiliate company’s business account. This is an essential step before you start your employee search. A must-have for the account: a basic visual design (branding, company colours, logo) and a comprehensive description of the company, its main values, and goals. LinkedIn is a competitive space, there are many teams, so valuable talent needs to be hooked with something big.

2. Connect an existing community

No one can promote your business better than partners and a highly-professional team who are already loyal to your company. They are your best advocates because they can vouch for your company without having to convince them. Ask them to create a LinkedIn account (if they don’t already have one) and follow your company account.

3. Reach out to colleagues

Collaborating with industry professionals and influencers in your niche is a great way to find the right candidates. At the very least, you should check to see if the grass is actually greener next door. It’s always important to know your competitors by sight.

The best way to find companies in your industry is to use the search bar. Here you can see which profiles appear for your query and get in touch with colleagues in your field. Perhaps your future candidate is among their subscribers.

Tips for Recruiting via LinkedIn

4. Don’t sit on the sidelines

Interactions with existing connections show contacts your profile or remind them of it regularly. All you have to do is like or comment on a post. Even simple comments on their posts will increase your visibility and put you at the top of the search algorithm.

5. Research and join groups in your niche

LinkedIn has many different options for groups and forums in different areas. One of the best ways to find employees on LinkedIn is to go on a journey through topic groups, looking for people close to your interests.

Instead of approaching people in the group straight away, you can establish yourself as an expert in your field through activism and speaking out on various occasions. It will allow you to gain credibility and authority. Other members may click through to your business profile. Then you can see who has visited your page and reach out to potential candidates.

6. Consistently publish content

LinkedIn kindly provides a platform for publishing full articles. These are displayed on the user’s profile and in the first circle contact feed. If your community likes, comments, or shares a post, the article will also be seen by second-circle contacts. The good news is that shock content has not yet reached LinkedIn. Also, unlike on Facebook, long articles go better here than short posts.

Try to post at least a few times a week and try to respond to comments and questions from users. You can then write a message to people who are interested in your content and ask if they want to join your team. Publishing content shows your subscribers that you are active. A consistent flow of content can also build trust and let users know the latest news about your business.

A little more about LinkedIn

As well as a direct assignment in the form of a job search, LinkedIn can be useful for affiliates as a source of traffic to promote their offers. Although the platform has a high price per click and manual moderation, LinkedIn has many advantages for marketing campaigns. 

LinkedIn offers many audience targeting options. You can set up targeting based on job title, social status, workplace, and so on. A full range of filtering, too bad you can’t check the jobseeker’s personality. Since LinkedIn’s audience is business people, they have money to spend, so you can promote more expensive products and services to your providers.

The platform has a reputation for low click-through rates. This is a good thing, as it allows you to get targeted actions from users who are interested in the products you are promoting. Learn more about the features of launching ads on LinkedIn from our article

Tips for Recruiting via LinkedIn

Final thoughts

In a war for high-caliber professionals, all means are good. When the usual ways of finding candidates no longer work, it’s time to reach new heights. Consider LinkedIn. It is a great alternative for finding new talent for your affiliate company and a breath of fresh air into your list of traffic sources. 

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