Adults Coming Through, ACT now!

24 October 2022
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They say that the internet is for porn: among well over a billion websites 4% are pornographic, which is more than 40,000,000 in plain numbers. Adult-related content could not feel any better, but then the pandemic broke out, causing the already immense lust for pornography to skyrocket and penetrate the ceiling of all the charts.

At the same time, adult-related content is actively ostracized. Generally, it is prohibited to promote such material on the mainstream social media such as Google, Twitter, Instagram, Patreon, Facebook, Tumblr, Discord, Pinterest, Reddit, etc.

Adults Coming Through, ACT now!

What can the affiliate do to make the demand meet its supply, separated by the gray nature of the vertical? May the proper creatives, alongside the white pages and landing pages (LPs) be blessed, since they are the answer.

Land, white, and two smoking pages

As we all are probably aware, when it comes to posting something on the most popular social media, bots are at the vanguard of moderation. Passing it does not guarantee your creatives are there to stay, because eventually the human moderators pop into them. However, it definitely buys you more time to cover the costs and start making profit.

Besides obviously using a cloaking strategy with one page for search engines or moderators and another for actual users; you can get creative when it comes to LPs, White Pages, pictures, and so on:

Adults Coming Through, ACT now!

White page is the page you want the moderators and uninvited guests to see. Therefore, it has to be perfectly safe, without any hint of funny business. Funnily enough, sometimes the suggestive themes squeeze through the strictest moderation forms, like TV, e.g., Drawn Together Train. Consequently, your creatives and white page can either be (almost) free from suggestive themes or use the allegories that society has accepted and does not object to.

Should white page content match the text of your creatives? Some affiliates claim that the page has to coincide: nutra = fitness studio, adult = massage parlors; others that some small business websites will get the job done, no question asked: any café, tiny shop, or humble article hub. Exercise caution, though: a randomly picked domain may be already banned. Take your time and construct quickly a website using, for example, Tilda.

As for the LP itself…well, the juicier – the better. You are going to need some sort of hosting server for the LP. Keep in mind, that not all the providers are ok with you promoting adult stuff, so check the terms beforehand. Try not to overdo with your LPs: cluttered layouts, an abundance of violent colors, or too much information are visually repulsive:

Adults Coming Through, ACT now!

Whether it is a website layout or some form of description, you have to keep in mind that human RAM is humiliatingly small — 7±2 chunks only. Chunks can be filled with any type of information: number of links, pictures in a row, main tags, available websites, etc. Our brain does not like complex things, and neither do the pleasure-seeking leads you bring in to your landing page. A hierarchy that is easy to navigate is the ultimate solution. Start off wide, slowly getting into details afterwards.

As for the colors, utilize Itten’s color circle to make sure the colors for your landing page match each other. Here are five quick tips on how to use colors: 

  • The opposite colors of the spectrum are the brightest, which should be utilized carefully.
  • Black and white are highly universal and match almost anything.
  • The world around us is made of soothing colors: pastel, dim, pale, dirty, etc. Bright colors are rare and usually convey danger, aggression, or passion.
  • Any light source catches the eye: all the important spots are better off lit.
  • Consider GEO: green is sacred in Muslim communities, yellow is horny in China (Yellow movie), blue (“lewd”) can be pornographic in England (Blue movie)

MAP: Moderation armor penetrated

Whether it is push, pop-up, pop-under, or anything else, you have to make sure your creatives pass the first line of defense — the nefarious bots. First, be sure to make small adjustments to your creatives, found online: for example, Adobe Premiere for videos and Adobe Photoshop for pictures. This could be color tweaking, person replacing, words switching, objects adding, etc. Failing to do so may result in a ban-chain of your accounts.

Second, check your creatives’ eligibility with the help of Google Vision. Under the Safe Search tab, you want to know two important indicators: Adult and Racy, the lower – the better:

Adults Coming Through, ACT now!

And this is the collection of other pictures that do not raise questions of Google (Facebook uses a similar algorithm):

Adults Coming Through, ACT now!

Traditional euphemisms like banana licking will not work. Here is an example of a more humble creative that will most likely shall not pass:

Adults Coming Through, ACT now!

Comparing the results, we can make an assumption, that Google does not tolerate the combination of human faces and some suggestive objects:

Adults Coming Through, ACT now!

The second picture looks fine. There are two plausible explanations:

  • No visage, but lips with the tongue, the latter is hidden – the bot might simply not recognize it as the human face
  • Blurred background – everything behind the strawberry is a bit unclear, making distinguishing the face even harder

Keep your landing page nice and clean, for the bot to let you through. Yet sometimes, like in the case of Burger King above, bringing other details up front can mask your obscenities and make your creatives eligible.

Another thing that might affect your chances of success is the selection of colors. Dark, pink, and neon tints are the companions of something shady and lustful. Use them to your advantage, but also be aware of the potential problems with moderation.

You can also rely on quantity instead of quality and rotate creatives of LPs within your campaigns. An ad with changing pictures highlighting different angles might make all the difference.

Creatives do not always have to involve traditional topless muscular men and curvy women. Good sources can be found practically anywhere online, and you never know when you stumble upon one:

Adults Coming Through, ACT now!

Here is an incomplete list of great idea sources that can be helpful to unleash your imagination:

  • Condom ads (Durex ad team is especially nuts)
  • Controversial ads (Burger King above)
  • Cartoons (Tom and Jerry, Family Guy, local cartoons)
  • Cultural phenomena (Hotter Than Hot Coffee (Tribute to GTA SA), 50 Shades of…loneliness/pleasure/pink/anything)
  • Social networks (Posts or memes specifically make the ads more understandable for the target user)
  • Suggestive real-world events (Train & tunnel, Wall drilling, Sword sheathing, etc.)
  • Juicy suggestive pictures (Fruits, Trees, Curtains)

Adults Coming Through, ACT now!


Adult vertical is heavily dependent on landing pages. Direct domain is possible, but it is like hitting a jackpot. Not all the LPs can pass the test of moderation successfully, therefore you have to rely more often than not on cloaking.

White page should not raise any suspicions, at least when it comes to bots. Google Vision is your best assistant here. The landing page is plain and simple, just try not to overload it with information. Structure everything in hierarchical order, and remember 7±2 chunks only. 

Regarding the creatives, you should always respect your lead’s eyesight (or other senses):

  • Use matching colors
  • Fewer colors look more expensive
  • Pastel colors look more common and natural
  • Mind your GEO: green, yellow, and blue can take very different meanings
  • Creatives are like condoms – not to be used twice (unless you’re feeling risky)
  • Same as with landings – 7±2. This time, Googlebot is also against complexity
  • Inspiring sources are literally everywhere (USB port of your PC)
  • Store your creatives: some of them may come in handy many years later (the case with the pictures for this article)
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