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Andrew Payne. Six-figure profits with your own push database

We’ve met with Andrew Payne, aka MRPAYNE, an affiliate well-known on the STM forum and the author of the AffiliateSuccess blog. However, Andrew hasn’t seemed to be so active on STM lately, and his blog doesn’t seem to be really active either. So, what are the reasons behind it? That’s what we have discussed during our interview.

Using pop-under to build a push database

Andrew told us that despite the fact that his main focus is on push-notifications, he continues working with pop-under traffic in order to build his push database. He explains how he uses pop traffic to expand his push database. In his opinion, pop-under traffic is a good way to build your own subscriber database. In short, create a funnel that prompts users to click “allow” and subscribe them to your push notifications.

Owning a push database and monetizing it right

So, once you have built a strong database, you will have to monetize it, and it may be somewhat tricky. Andrew has 12 million subscribers in the US, and this database is his primary focus and source of income. And the advantage of push traffic is that it’s very versatile, you can run different verticals such as dating, sweepstakes, and nutra as long as you are doing it not too aggressively.

While working with his database, Andrew hasn’t had a day with a negative ROI, or so he claims.

Andrew also talks about his team and resources that you’re going to need to maintain your own database.

Buying someone else’s traffic

Not everyone has the resources to build a database (because it’s rather costly: around $10-15k), and so they may have to resort to buying traffic from advertising networks. In Andrew’s opinion, that’s a legitimate approach. However, when using someone else’s traffic, scaling up and consistency may prove to be tricky because an affiliate can’t control so many variables of the process, and, of course, it’s also a matter of choosing the right offer because they may burn out pretty quickly.


Andrew believes that native is a promising ad format, and he shared some of his plans to expand into native advertising. Despite the relative expensiveness, native is a good ad format for those running white hat offers such as E-commerce, insurance and nutra.

Andrew shares his approach to native ads: run some isolated tests, figure out what works and start scaling up. However, stay on top of your finance and optimization. As for optimization, choose campaigns with the highest CTR and try to buy traffic in bulk, so you can cover more geos and have better chances of finding something that will convert.

Optimization and spying

There are many approaches to spying, but Andrew believes that manual spying is the way to go. However, he still uses some spy services at times. As for optimization, Andrew occasionally uses Optimizer and has one media buyer and two developers to help with such things.

Future plans and a tip for new affiliates

A good affiliate is always on the lookout for new opportunities and sources of income, so is Andrew, he is planning to continue working with native and Facebook, develop his own products and web apps because owning the products you monetize is a good start for building a successful business.

If you are new to affiliate marketing and just beginning to work with traffic, launch campaigns one at a time and don’t shy away from building your own push database. Try to work with branded offers, people tend to trust them more.

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