19 Things That Facebook Algorithm Loves

29 June 2020
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19 Things That Facebook Algorithm Loves

Facebook’s ad algorithm is notoriously unpredictable and not always correct. However, there are some factors that can help you improve Facebook’s ad relevancy score and the general rating of your ad account.  

Of course, not all of these tricks will produce the desired result if you advertise, say, a gambling product, but a lot of them will prove to be useful for warming up your account.

So, here are the 19 things that Facebook absolutely loves:

  1. Ad images that feature a product and explain how to use it or show the desired outcome. Facebook favors useful ad posts with a clear message.  
  2. Ad images should provoke an emotional response. As you may remember, Facebook’s algorithm tracks how users scroll their news feed. If the user has stopped scrolling at some post, it qualifies as engagement, which is already good.  
  3. Unconventional ad image. Yes, we know this sounds too abstract, but people have already seen everything and only something truly original and novel can attract their attention. 

    19 Things That Facebook Algorithm Loves
  4. To attract users and convert them into leads, don’t hesitate to use the teaser ad approach. However, don’t resort to clickbait and misleading headlines because Facebook can be quite picky about ad quality. 
  5. Believe it or not, Facebook and users alike favor ad posts without a clear call to action. However, they convert much worse… 
  6. Ask your audience a question and encourage them to share their thoughts in the comment section. Posts that are commented on are an indication of high quality, and the quality score is very important to Facebook.  
  7. Add emojis to your ad posts. But don’t overdo it.
  8. Track your quality score. If your rating falls to “below average”, your ad campaigns will become more expensive to run and your audience reach will decrease.  
  9. Install a Facebook pixel to your website to track conversions. Be sure to place a pixel on your website, which will help to provide more accurate data to Facebook.  
  10. The ad algorithm prioritizes keywords with positive connotations. Negatively-colored ad copies will result in low audience reach. 
  11. Ad images featuring faces, smiles, and emotions provoke a response from users, which can help you increase your rating on Facebook.  
  12. Ad images that are prioritized by Facebook include: man and woman (preferably with children), animals, mountains, and almost everything nature-related.  
  13. Don’t set up daily ad budgets and ad account budget limits. 
  14. If Facebook can’t write off money from your ad account, your rating will be lowered. 
  15. If your ad campaign gets rejected for some reason or other, your rating will fall. 
  16. The algorithm prioritizes accounts with an ad spend of about $100 a day. 
  17. The perfect advertising strategy — 2 campaigns, 2 ad sets in each, and 2 ads in each set. 
  18. Pages with more than 5000 followers get a higher audience reach. 
  19. Drive traffic to the same website (landing page) or at least to the same domain. 

That’s it for today. We hope you’ve learned something new about how Facebook’s ad system works, and this knowledge will come in handy for you. If you want to share your thoughts about what Facebook hates and loves, feel free to leave a comment below.  

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