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Promo code, bonus & ads coupon

Successful affiliates know what instruments to use to achieve their goals. Our today’s selection will enable you to purchase certain services and entry tickets to some conferences at a reduced price.


  1. Binom – follow the link, sign up and get the first month of usage for free plus a 40% subscription discount.

        *Binom users get promo codes for renting a server

Spy services

  1. Adplexity – follow the link, get a 30% discount for the chosen product and start spying on your competitors
  2. Anstrex – a spy tool for push notifications, a 20% discount for a lifetime, enter “ZM_20” and get the discount
  3. Adperiscope – a spying service for native and adult ads, a 20% discount for a lifetime, enter “ZM_20” and get the discount

Landing page generators

  1. PageWiz – go to the website, sign up, enter AFFBANK2017 and get a 15% discount for any subscription plan

Ad networks

  1. Hilltopads – sign up, enter DNLU435796 and get $50 with the first top-up
  2. Datspush – sign up, enter AFFBANK20 and get additional 20% with $100+ top-up
  3. Megapush – sign up, receive $50 bonus for the first $200 top-up, message @Anjelika_sh on Telegram and write the codeword Zorbas.
  4. Adscompass – traffic source with fast and loyal moderation. Promo codes for the first top-up:
    • Zorbas10 for $10 with $100 top-up;
    • Zorbas55 for $55 with $500 top-up;
    • Zorbas120 for $120 with $1000 top-up;


  1. MAC – April 9-10, Moscow, use our promo code “propeller” to get a 20% discount for Gold and VIP tickets, purchase your tickets and set off to Russia’s biggest affiliate conference
  2. CPAlife, – April 18, Hotel Saint Petersburg, use our promo code “бгг” (without quotation marks) and get a 20% discount for all ticket categories
  3. iGaming Affiliate Conference – April 24, use our promo code MIACAFFILIATE and get a 30% discount. A wonderful opportunity to visit Minsk.

No matter what your objective is, whether it’s running traffic tests in a new network, spying on your competitor’s campaign or tracking your own one, our article will come in handy.

Competition with a super prize! Take a chance to win a ticket to AWE in Barcelona this July (Full door sale price: €1,200) + VIP treatment from Sam Media. Simply tell us (comment on this video) what main challenges you see now promoting mobile content offers. Be specific and detailed. The best comment will be chosen on the 7th of April.

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