Make India Hard Again. Part 3: Improving Lead Quality
19 March 2020


Today, I’m going to update you on what I was doing in the last couple of weeks.

Last time I wrote on this subject, my ROI was approximately 0% and it turned out that I had generated a high percentage of trash leads. Most of the time people were just submitting the same form several times in a row, while some leads came from regions where there is no delivery service available. The traffic was stopped for a week and a half, and so I didn’t spend much money on it.

So, here’s what I have been busy with recently.

1. In addition to Max X (17164), I decided to test out some new offers such as Hummer (18278) and MenXXXL (18382). I also put new pre-landers to a split test (two pages for each offer). The tests revealed that the most successful sales funnel was the 12011 pre-lander, the 10998 landing page, and the MenXXXL offer. As for the other offers, I had to stop them.

Landing 10197 for the Hummer 18278 offer

Landing 10385 for the MenXXXL 18382 offer

2. Then, I tried to find out what IP address ranges are assigned to different Indian states. If there was a direct correlation between an IP address and GEO, I added such IPs to a blacklist. However, this is definitely not enough to solve the problem with stopped GEOs completely. Still, I managed to collect an extensive blacklist of IPs. Contact me if you want to get it.

3. Another thing I did was to redirect the traffic from these GEOs to a dating SmartLink (ProfitSocial – Adult SmartLink With Prelanders ProfitSocial). Overall, I generated 142 leads in March, but they brought me only $4.75 in payouts.

4. I added new creatives to my campaigns almost every other day. However, the ones that showed a great performance at the very start turned out to be the most effective (you can find them here).

Data for March:

Money spent: $146

Generated leads (tracker postback link): 479

Stats from Dr.Cash:

Income: $200

The average approval rate: 11.08%

Total leads: 566

Approved leads: 41

The overall ROI: 40.4%

What conclusions can I make?

  1. At the very onset of this project, I failed to account for the fact that there is no delivery available in some Indian states.
  2. The traffic source does not offer precise GEO targeting settings.
  3. Of all the offers that I tested, only one turned out to be profitable.

What I am going to do next is:

  1. scaling up;
  2. go on testing creatives and a couple of new offers.
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