Affiliate marketing for beginners

Those who have just started out in the affiliate marketing industry find it difficult to gain a strong foothold and get things straight. There is a lot of contradictory information on the Internet, while rushing into this business headfirst won’t be a great idea for starters.
In our selection, you’ll find useful clear-cut articles that will help you figure out the basic terms and notions, learn various nuances of running ad campaigns and make your first steps into the world of affiliate marketing.

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How to Protect Your Landing Page from Theft and Hijack Free Traffic to Your Website

Building a winning landing page is already challenging enough without having to think about special protection functionalities. Imagine you finally managed to create an effective landing page after giving it a lot of thought and doing extensive market research. Your landing is so perfect it never fails to convert visitors and get them to purchase the product or service you are promoting. 11 march 2020 0

Getting Started with Google Ads Remarketing: How to Choose the Right Audience and Create an Ad

Remarketing is an ad strategy that allows you to deliver personalized ads to people who have previously interacted with your website or app. This article covers how to create a remarketing audience, set up a campaign and pick up the tools necessary to launch an effective ad. 10 march 2020 0

How to Choose Your First Vertical and Offer to Promote

Ok, welcome back to my “2019/2020 Adult traffic tutorial", let’s move on with another lesson. By now, you already know what the situation in Adult looks like in 2019/2020 and you also know what kind of tools you need in order to start running adult traffic. The next step would be to decide on what you are going to promote. 24 february 2020 0

Launching ads on LinkedIn

LinkedIn is one of the largest business-focused social networks. In this article we figure out how to launch ad campaigns on this social network. 13 february 2020 0

How To Create An Effective YouTube Ad: Useful Tips and Tricks

Videos are the most popular type of content on the Internet. You probably heard this statement everywhere. Marketing experts insist that you need to use video in your online ads, social media posts and so on. Statistics all over the Internet are backing them up. So it is a fact and video is constantly gaining in popularity. 10 february 2020 0

Around the globe for profit. Mobile traffic on different continents

Revenue-wise, the leadership position in today's affiliate marketing belongs to structured teams that work according to clear regulations and constantly analyze their target markets with all tools at their disposal. This is an ever-accelerating race that is getting increasingly harder to win. 28 january 2020 0
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