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Around the globe for profit. Mobile traffic on different continents

28 January 2020
Revenue-wise, the leadership position in today’s affiliate marketing belongs to structured...

Zalo, a Vietnamese Telegram where you can launch your ads

27 January 2020
Xin chào! A lot of affiliates complain that it has become increasingly difficult to work with...

101 Things That Can Get Affiliates Banned on Facebook

13 January 2020
This article is not about bypassing Facebook’s ban. On the contrary, it deals with how to avoid...

Addressing your target audience’s pain points

9 January 2020
You give a poor man a fish and you feed him for a day. You teach him to fish and you give him an...

12 Tips on Creating Mobile Ads That Convert

5 January 2020
Mobile traffic is getting bigger day by day. The amount of time users spend browsing the Internet...

VR offers: affiliate programs, traffic sources, and the most profitable GEOs

24 December 2019
There is the so-called real world where we drive traffic to nutra, gambling, and crypto. Apart...

AWA. Affiliate World Asia. Review by ZorbasMedia

20 December 2019
Affiliate World Asia is the largest affiliate marketing conference in the eastern hemisphere that...

Native ads for dating offers by ZorbasMedia

12 December 2019
Hello there, affiliates! ZorbasMedia is holding a practice-oriented workshop on native-traffic...

From toxic paid SMS and fraudulent WAPclick to something new and yet profitable

6 December 2019
Hello there! It’s my first column on ZorbasMedia, and so I would like to introduce myself. My...

Native ads for dating offers by ZorbasMedia

5 December 2019
This is a practice-oriented workshop on nativetraffic monetization. During this workshop we will...

Sales Models in the Product and Nutra Vertical

5 December 2019
The product vertical is one of the broadest and most profitable ones in affiliate marketing....

Case Study: Driving Facebook Traffic to a WebView Android App. $2700 profit

3 December 2019
Campaign time period: October 24-October 31, 2019 GEO: Russia Traffic source: Facebook Affiliate...

Affiliate Marketing on Amazon: Advantages and Best Practices

27 November 2019
Affiliates are some of the world’s most skilled and creative sellers, but barely any have...

The Man and the Traffic: Running Install Campaigns

22 November 2019
Hi everyone! This is the editorial team speaking. What you have in front of you is the...

How to make a high converting landing page for CBD offers

20 November 2019
Whether you are looking for a way to boost your conversions, grow your database or simply raise...

XCash: A major dating affiliate program on making dating convert

19 November 2019
You are watching ZorbasMedia interview with William Soares Pinto, head of business development at...

ZorbasMagazine: Dating Vertical

13 November 2019
Dating is one of the evergreen verticals gaining popularity among affiliates. Today, TopOffers –...

10 Media Buying Tips to Always Stay in the Green

12 November 2019
Media buyers have to deal with a lot of variables when setting up and optimizing their ad...

Affiliate’s Guide to Greece

6 November 2019
To create a successful ad campaign that will monetize well, it won’t be enough just to pick up an...

Ten affiliate guidelines for working with case studies

1 November 2019
Both beginner affiliates and experienced digital marketers need quality case studies for their...
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