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Simple Tips for Making Your Videos Go Viral

The article was initially published on iAmAttila blog on January 7, 2020.

Clicking on a YouTube recommended video, we all have done this.

Titles are interesting, thumbnail images as well. Then the actual content – not so much. Then you see that this exact video gets tons of hits?

This is not happening by mistake. Ok, sure some people just created content that they are passionate about and it turns out it’s interesting to many people.

However, in most cases, a viral phenomenon did not happen by accident. Behind it is usually a team of marketing experts who know exactly what they are doing. They are making this video with a particular goal in mind.

Viral content is the best way to achieve brand awareness, get new clients and boost traffic to your website or a store.

Researching those viral videos I saw that there are certain factors that they all possess. They all have some characteristics in common.

Make a Good Video

The goal of making a video should never be about becoming viral. You should make a video that is good. Priority is that you offer quality content to your viewers. Your business video can’t just be funny, cool or whatever. It has to have a business goal behind it.

So, if you make a campaign that is really great, that is going to drive enough customers. Then you created something like a self-funding marketing engine. So, ultimately your goal is to make a quality video that is going to sell. It has to create a desire for people to use a credit card and swipe.

Promote it Through Ads

In this day of age, you have to use paid promotion. All the social networks are earning the majority of their revenue from online advertising. For example, Facebook algorithms are not allowing business content to get exposure otherwise. They want you to spend money so they can earn money and you will get the opportunity to earn a lot as well. The more money you spend, the more benefits you will get.

So, you have to pay for promoting your video, otherwise its post and prey.

Thumbnails and Titles

If you do a great job with a catchy title and interesting thumbnail, then your video will stand out from the crowd. It’s inevitable that people are having similar content as you. Do a YouTube search and see what your competition is doing. Who got your attention?

Create different titles and thumbnails and do split testing. You need to test different perspectives. It’s not about you or your marketing colleagues. Getting expert opinion is great but you need a perspective from some ordinary people as well. They will be the crowd you are targeting after all.

For example, I am asking my staff (who are not copywriters) to write some titles as well. Many times those titles ended up as the winners.

You Have to Make People Feel Something

You have to relate to your audience in an emotional way. It helps if you are passionate about your offer. It would be easier for people to relate and for you to understand what content people would enjoy.

For example, after the Game of Thrones finale, there were thousands of videos about it. Those with the most views did not hide their disappointment or emotional reaction. That is exactly what people want to watch. A huge and knowledgeable fan openly discussing what went wrong. Not some cinematography expert doing an objective review.

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Follow a Proven Sales Structure

Like them or not, there is a reason some types of commercials are successful. Most of them are following a well known and established structure. Our product provides the right and elegant solution to your problem. You just need to present this in a relatable way, with your brand image and uniqueness.

Start With a Good Product

Start with a product that you like and believe in. Nothing sales as good as the truth. If you are speaking from a place of passion and truth, then that will come through. People will believe in that product as well. People can feel and sense the truth. If they can sense that about your ad, then they will buy it and they will back up that feeling with the logic. They will feel good about buying that product.

You can see the same thing about influencers. People clearly sense when someone is faking the reaction and when they truly rant about something they care about.

Embrace the Embarrassment

I know it sounds strange but you need to test different ideas. Your videos will never have a 100% success rate. This is what is great about online advertising. You can test different ads and see the feedback from the people.

It’s a luxury that those who create TV commercials don’t have. That is why you can see so many bad commercials. Once they are in the air, that is it. An unfunny, cringy or just boring commercial will run all over the country.

On YouTube, you just learn, get feedback and move on. Same as when you start a channel. You have to see criticism as something positive and listen to people and what content they would like to see.

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