TikTok — traffic source with the biggest audience

13 August 2021
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TikTok — traffic source with the biggest audience

A marketing research agency Nikkei Asia has been analyzing the mobile applications market for some years now. And the common thing about all the charts in the recent decade has been — at least the top 5 most downloaded applications have been those owned by Facebook Inc (Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, etc.). But not this time. The results for the past 2020 year show that for the first time in years Facebook has been overthrown by another application, namely TikTok.

A short-video social media platform has been rapidly growing in popularity since its launch in 2017. The recent peak in downloads has coincided with the COVID-19 lockdown as vast audiences have been searching for more entertainment.

For affiliate marketers, this means more opportunities for successful ad campaigns, a growing audience, and more attention from the advertisers. TikTok’s audience is varied, it is not only for teenagers (they account for 25 % of users). According to surveys, a big part of TikTok users falls somewhere between 20 and 49 years of age. And the best part of all is that TikTok is still rather lenient in its ad policies, so you have quite enough space to maneuver. Good luck!

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