Teaser Advertising: Absurd Headlines or Profitable Source of Traffic?

29 December 2022
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In affiliate marketing, there are numerous sources to drive traffic from. One of them is teaser ad networks that deal in nonsensical brightly colored headlines with hyped-up information that confuse or provoke the users. It is a fairly simple but no less lucrative way of attracting leads (even though it’s not for every vertical). Let’s discover what makes teaser ads so attractive.

What is a teaser ad?

Initially, a teaser ad is a small advertisement that can be displayed on absolutely any page on the Internet and often contains a clickbait headline with appropriate creatives. All of us have, sooner or later, encountered the “possibility” of finding out if Kim Jong-un is really dead and how much of the magic remedy you need to drink to lose 10 kg. It’s all about the teaser.

As for the teaser networks, they usually act as an intermediary between advertiser and affiliate, which helps the two parties to conduct mutually beneficial cooperation. There are no particular differences from regular affiliate marketing. That is, your main task is to drive customers to the product, attracting them through clicks, views, or other more complex targeted actions. The more challenging the process, the higher the payout.

Teaser Advertising: Absurd Headlines or Profitable Source of Traffic?

Types of teaser ads

What are teaser ads? Teasers are enticing, intriguing advertisements with short text and a strong image. In theory, you can use them in any verticals (but theoretically, you can also jump from your roof). There are some verticals that work better with the teaser approach: e-commerce, nutrа, dating, and adult. The creative approaches to teaser ads may vary, though.


Famous personalities attract the eye. Especially if it is a character that your audience cares about. Coupled with a controvertible headline, there is a good chance of getting conversions.

Shock content

Loud headlines with provocative or even disgusting facts. One of those cases when you read this information once and can’t forget it all day, even if you really want to.


This is all about our immediate health problems. Acne, overweight, cellulite, baldness, and others. When a user has been struggling with a problem for a long time, he or she is ready to use even the strangest remedy. Therefore, advertisements of a miracle medicine are very easy to catch the eye.


This type of teaser ad uses a very simple trick. Your task is to disguise the teaser as a display ad for a well-known news portal. In this case, users will not feel any catch and their trust will increase.

Goods and services

These are advertisements for completely different products, but the appealing thing about them is that they are offered at an extremely inflated price. And what sane person would refuse a tempting and very beneficial offer?

Teaser Advertising: Absurd Headlines or Profitable Source of Traffic?

Benefits of teaser networks

  1. Low level of competition. Teaser advertising is not the most popular trend in affiliate marketing, although it continues to grow. You have a unique opportunity to get traffic to this untapped niche.
  2. Ease of access. Because teaser networks are not too big companies, where audiences are sensitive to black advertising, they use more loyal moderation principles. More precisely, there is almost no moderation at all. Of course, you must meet the minimum requirements, but they are so low that you do not even have to worry. This is why you can use all kinds of shock content in teasers, and you won’t be banned.
  3. Freedom of choice. Teaser networks do not place restrictions on verticals. They are convenient platforms for finding advertisers, choosing suitable offers, and selecting sites to place your ads. This saves time in bypassing restrictions and allows you to concentrate on setting up quality and effective advertising campaigns.
  4. Easy to set up. The teaser most often catches on due to its clickbait headlines. You don’t need to bother with complicated images or creatives. The possibilities for lead generation are very wide here. Of course, you can increase your ROI by improving the quality of the ad, but often a basic level is enough to get high conversions.
  5. Economy. Teaser advertising is considered one of the cheapest. Although you have the opportunity to get many views in a short period of advertising. In addition, the teaser has a high conversion rate. That is a large proportion of users who have made the transition to the site, eventually making the necessary targeted actions.

Teaser Advertising: Absurd Headlines or Profitable Source of Traffic?

Drawbacks of teaser networks

  • Target audience. Yes, things are not so good. Teaser advertising is usually associated with difficulties in analyzing the target audience. We’ve already said that a teaser network is not a full-fledged advertising platform, which is why it doesn’t have a bunch of settings for the target audience, the advertising campaign, etc. Usually, you only have access to the GEO and topic options for placing ads.
    Here it is also worth noting the difficulties with audience segmentation. Because of the statistics function limitations, you can’t always guarantee that you are placing ads in sight of your target audience.
  • The need for an additional tracker. It is clear to us from the previous point that teaser networks suffer from a lack of analytical tools. In this case, you will have to build in a third-party tracking service (most likely at extra cost). You need them to set up filters, track and distribute traffic, analyze consumer behavior, and monitor other important metrics.

Final thoughts

Any professional affiliate knows that there is a permanent need to search for new techniques and diversify their promotion channels. Teaser advertising is an easy way to do this. It is an easy-to-setup, cheap but profitable way for lead generation. It has been around for many years, and users still click on cheesy ads — this means that this traffic source is still worth your while.

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