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Best places to live for Affiliates

Sooner or later, some people decide that they are sick and tired of snow in April and leave for far away (or not so far away) countries. Affiliate marketing is an attractive industry because you don’t have to work in an office and only need a computer and Internet access to start making money. We talked to affiliates living abroad and found out where they prefer to settle down and what you should know before hitting the road.

Many affiliates and people working with traffic live in Amsterdam. Lots of companies involved in affiliate marketing to a greater or lesser extent are registered there, which means that the city abounds in people engaged in traffic arbitrage.

The weather in Amsterdam is windy and rainy. You are unlikely to encounter any barriers to effective communication, as most Amsterdam residents speak English.

Pros: Amsterdam is a European city. It’s always clean and safe there. If you are keen on culture in all its manifestations, then you will definitely find something for yourself. Lots of companies are headquartered in Amsterdam, which means that an affiliate will easily find like-minded people and colleagues there.

Cons: Amsterdam is a European city. It’s expensive. You’ll have to collect/apply for/receive dozens of papers and certificates, ranging from obtaining a visa to renting an apartment. After 11 pm you are unlikely to find an open store, while most people and organizations don’t work at all on weekends.

Advice from the editorial team: if you think that you have taken enough money with you, take more.

Many affiliates have chosen Thai’s capital as their place of residence, and a large affiliate community has emerged there over time. The fact that some major affiliate conferences are held in Bangkok makes the city even more attractive. However, as regards Southeast Asia, affiliates live not only in Bangkok but also in Vietnam, Indonesia, Sri Lanka, and Malasia.

Southeast Asia has a warm and humid climate, 95°F above zero with 90+% humidity is a norm. And it’s like that everywhere: from eastmost Indonesia to west India. Almost all states in this region are washed by the sea, so it’s easy to find a beach (but whether it’ll be clean remains uncertain).

As regards language, the situation in Southeast Asia is much more complicated than in Amsterdam. Almost all states in Southeast Asia are former European colonies, so a good command of English will come in handy. However, don’t expect to be able to communicate freely with the locals.

Pros: Rent, transportation, services, and goods are rather cheap in Southeast Asia. Local restaurants cater to every taste and budget. It’s easy to obtain a visa, as well as to find colleagues and like-minded people, as most expats tend to live together in close groups. Major cities have good transport and communications infrastructure, but the lack of hot water supply can confuse some foreigners.

Cons: Cities in Southeast Asia are not as clean and safe as in Europe. There are lots of crooks and cons in Bangkok or in any other tourist city, so keep your eyes open. If you live in a small town, the locals will take an interest in you and ask to take a photo.

Advice from the editorial team: get medical insurance.

Lots of affiliate conferences take place in Barcelona, and even more, companies have their headquarters or offices there. So, an affiliate will easily find colleagues in the city.

Barcelona has a mild climate with hot summers and relatively warm winters.

It’d be useful to have Spanish-speaking skills, but it’s not a necessity.

Pros: Barcelona is a European city. It’s clean, safe and beautiful. The city is rich in tourist sights and places to visit.

Cons: Barcelona is a European city, and it’s almost as expensive as Amsterdam. You are going to have a hard time finding a place to rent, and you’ll also have to provide lots of papers.

Advice from the editorial team: there is a little-known football club in Barcelona whose matches are worth visiting.

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