New PropellerAds Retargeting Tools

22 February 2021
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New PropellerAds Retargeting Tools

As is often the case, only a fraction of website visitors can be converted into website buyers, while others are reluctant to make a buying decision. To enable you to add more customer touchpoints and better interact with your audience, PropellerAds has rolled out a new retargeting toolbox called Audience 2.0.

The network has added three new retargeting solutions based on:

  • clicks (Push & Interstitial);
  • engaged visits;
  • converted users (tracking leads via postback S2S.

In addition to the three new tools, you can also use a retargeting pixel.

Let’s take a closer look at each of the tools to see how they perform.

Audience based on clicks

You can use this CPC-based method if you run Push or Interstitial campaigns. These users have already shown their interest in your offer but need more time to convert into buyers due to a number of reasons.

What you can do: Improve your creatives. Perhaps the offer will become more appealing if you decide to make a discount. Plus, consider running other offers in the very same vertical that users may also find worthy of their attention.

Engaged visits

In June 2020, PropellerAds released a new tracking tool called Viewability pixel that tracks time spent by end-user on a landing page.

What you can do: Now, you can build an audience of people who actively engaged with your offer, i.e. spent at least 2 seconds on your landing page. You can get these users interested in some other product or a special deal.

Converted users

Actual leads, i.e. people who have already bought a product or service you are promoting, are a dream audience for any affiliate marketer because they have purchasing power and are willing to spend their money on other offers. 

What you can do: Create a retargeting audience! Just gather these leads into one audience and try to upsell them to other products in the same vertical. 

Retargeting pixel 

Use a retargeting pixel to create an audience no matter what platforms your users came from (such as Facebook). 

What can you do: Install a pixel on your landing page, pre-lander, or thank you page. 

Why you should leverage retargeting:

  • higher CTR & CR;
  • better audience segmentation (you can tailor your ad copy and creatives based on what landing pages and images users engaged with the most);
  • a viable alternative to interest targeting (you can create your own audience of those interested in gambling, for instance);
  • creating more intricate funnels (you can use clicks and engaged visits to improve the top/middle of the funnel).

How to use retargeting

To create an audience for retargeting, you will first need to launch a campaign to start collecting users and then go to the targeting section.

New PropellerAds Retargeting Tools

You can create up to 15 audiences. If you want to create additional audiences, you can reach out to your manager or the network’s support team.

The audience duration is 90 days. User data you want to keep will remain in your audience list for this time period.

You can delete audiences, but remember that this action cannot be undone.

Wrapping up 

  • Audience 2.0 is available for all ad formats. You can collect users based on clicks, conversions, or engaged visits.
  • You can easily boost your ROI and segment the users.
  • There are also a number of new features: you can create up to 15 audiences, target several audiences in one campaign, and delete audiences.
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