MAC 2019. A review of the only world-class Russian conference

25 April 2019
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MAC 2019. A review of the only world-class Russian conference

MAC is the largest world-class affiliate conference in Russia. We made it our goal to provide a comprehensive review of this event putting our own judgments aside. After all, it is the conference guests who should reach a verdict. We have talked to the key conference guests and asked a few questions to its organizer. What was this conference like? Should you attend it? Is Moscow a good place for an event of such a scale? Here is the first-hand information.

Guests on the conference organization

«There were many Russian networks, but still it didn’t feel like a “Russian only” event, it rather felt like an international event in Russia,» — commented Sebastian, a German affiliate. We made an interview with him.

«The conference is perfectly organized, and the networking turned out to be great. After-party and pre-party were also really cool, we met a lot of old and new partners,» — said the ClickDealer team.

«Everything is unique about this conference as it’s one the industries best, world-class and professionally organized conferences at elite venues. What made it different was the speakers and the fact that the conference provided earpieces with live translations to English for speakers that spoke in the countries native Russian language,» — stated Gerard Della Porta. This is his site.

The conference organizer on what worked out well and what didn’t

«We did a good job, and I mean the conference in general. There were some organizational flaws, but we will take them into account next year.

This conference was the best one in terms of the attendance, the sheer amount of relevant information and the number of foreign guests, both affiliate networks and affiliates (about 30% of the conference guests were foreigners).

There were some problems with Attila, though. Everything was agreed and coordinated, but he refused to deliver a speech three days before a conference citing some family reasons,» — commented Vadim Korepov, the conference organizer.

Moscow has certainly impressed foreign guests

«Overall, the team and I really enjoyed Moscow, especially the food. I’m a big fan of discovering new food experiences and places. And Moscow has them plenty,» — said  Petar Joseph, VP at Advidi.

«So, when you go to the MAC you should also do some sightseeing to see more from the impressing city and buildings, see the Red Square and the Kremlin,» — advised Sebastian.

Here is what the conference guests think about its venue

«Probably the fact that the conference was held in a former industrial area created a unique atmosphere and added some signature style, on the one hand, but, on the other hand, it made it impossible for the guests to set up short meetings and conduct negotiations over a cup of coffee or while having lunch in some restaurants nearby,» — said Mikhail Svinarev (Misha Entropia), a solo affiliate and co-owner of

Russian affiliate community has produced a positive impression on foreign guests

«The Russian affiliate community is amazing. When I compare the German affiliate community to the Russians I have the impression that the Russians are more advanced.

I also think that Russians are very smart when it comes to making money online,» — commented Sebastian.

«Everyone we met seemed very knowledgable and dedicated. This goes well hand in hand with the type of partners we want to work with at Advidi.  I’m glad I discovered this level of motivation among the people within the Russian affiliate community. It gave us a really positive feeling with which we came back home and started working on special deals for these people,» — said Petar Joseph.

«The Russian affiliate community is first class, innovative, smart, and hard working with some of the nicest people I have met on the planet,» — stated Gerard Della Porta.

Why you should attend this conference

«Communication and networking are one of the key success factors in today’s affiliate marketing. It’s difficult to overestimate its importance and even more difficult to overestimate the importance of personal informal contacts,» — said Mikhail Svinarev.

«First and foremost, networking. The opportunity to communicate with advertisers and experienced webmasters is priceless. As for reports, they were all worth paying attention to. In total, they can give you some ideas on how to develop unique campaigns and themes,» — commented Rafael Gabitov, aka Sensei, an affiliate.

… and who is going to attend MAC 2020

«I will definitely go to the MAC next year again. Some of the great people from Moscow I met there told me that the MAC is the only conference they visit so when I want to meet them again it would be at the MAC 2020,» — said Sebastian.

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