How to top up your affiliate game. Denis Zhitnyakov, the founder of Dolphin, reveals the mechanics behind the tools that will save your time, effort, and nerves

2 November 2021
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A few years ago, the word “anti-detect” would make you think of spy movies, and hardly any sensible affiliate would have thought of launching campaigns from a dozen accounts. But now we are in the brave new future and every affiliate has at least one anti-detect browser and an automated campaign launch tool. We have decided to shed more light on these tools and how they make life easier for affiliate marketers. Denis Zhitnyakov — the founder and developer of “Dolphin” will help us make things clear and simple.

We have a bonus for our readers at the end of the interview =)

Why did you choose a Dolphin? 

It’s hard to recall why I chose Dolphin in particular. But the main idea comes from Google Docs, I think. Maybe you have noticed that when a user opens your document, the system gives them an “adjective + animal” name and avatar. A thoughtful penguin, a brave albatross, and so on.

I’ve always enjoyed this feature, it sounds fun but not stupid. It’s not offensive to anybody. Probably I subconsciously adopted this idea for Dolphin. 

At the moment, I have two more names of the same kind that may be of use in the future. The first one is somewhat serious — BAGIRA. And a bit of pure fun with SELEDKA (herring). Seledka will be great. The CIS market will love this. It may be a bit of a tongue-twister for the Europeans, but it’s still fun, I believe.

Can you describe your product? What are “anti-detect browsers” and “automated campaign launch tools”?

Anti-detect browser and automated campaign launch tool are not fully undetectable or 100% automated. But the terms are so convenient that it’s hard to call these things any other way now. Let’s start from the beginning. 

Why is an automated campaign launch not 100% automated? Because you have to do some preparation manually: register an account, add a credit card, etc.

But there is no doubt that Dolphin passes the whole campaign set-up process much faster than you would on your own. It is especially noticeable when you launch dozens and hundreds of campaigns daily. Works like magic.

I can compare it to driving an automobile. Once you have tried an S-Klasse car, you would like to drive your old Fiat. Then, if you’ve tasted an E-Klasse car, you wouldn’t want to lower yourself to that dreary S-Klasse anymore. Same with campaign automation. Once you get comfortable running automated campaigns, nothing will force you to go launch from 30 accounts manually. You would have to spend at least 5 hours setting up the campaigns one by one. With an automation tool, you will be ready to go in 30 minutes and will avoid these repetitive tasks.

It’s not about being cooler than the other guy, it’s about practicality and time management. And you don’t have to give up something important to get that spare time. You cut away the routine and make your life better. Robots work, they don’t get sick, they don’t need weekends and vacations.

In addition to the campaign launch automation, Dolphin has the following features:

  • Check the statistics for all accounts in one tab
  • Launch and stop campaigns, set the budget
  • Moderate the comments
  • Re-launch Fan pages
  • Move Fan pages between accounts
  • Monitor the overall spend statistics and the actual credit card billings. This gives you a more accurate picture of your expenditures
  • Create and download automated rules in bulk
  • Manage your BMs
  • Create invite links to your BMs

And many other useful features. If we also consider that Dolphin has no limitations on the number of accounts, proxies, tags, and comments — things start looking even better.

Now let’s break down our anti-detect browser. Sounds like an awfully serious thing. And there is one more — fingerprint. 

Why is it that an anti-detect browser is not really undetectable? Because in fact, Dolphin{anty} is not a single browser. It’s like a box that stores an infinite number of browsers inside. And the browsers are unique for each user.

Imagine that you have a set of unrelated computers in different cities and countries and that you can manage them all at once. Dolphin{anty} would be the teleport that allows you to access all these computers in a matter of seconds.

Can you explain the way anti-detect browsers and automated campaign launch tools work in simple terms?

Sure, I’ll try to put it simply. 

Every traffic source, say Facebook, always knows its users. It’s not just about the profile name and picture, but also the unique parameters of your browser. So, if you take a proxy and create 5 accounts of seemingly different people — you are likely to end up with 5 banned accounts. Why? Because Facebook will see that you are using the same browser and the same PC.

This is why you need Dolphin{anty}. Here’s an example.

We have a friend called James, and he has 10 Facebook accounts. He also has a Dolphin{anty} profile for each of those accounts. In one profile, James has a screen resolution of 1920×1080, an Intel(R) Iris(TM) Plus Graphics 640, and an eight-core processor. And in another profile, James has a screen resolution of 1280×720, an Intel(R) UHD Graphics 630, and a processor with 16 cores.

I won’t even mention other browser characteristics, such as WebRTC, Canvas, WebGL, Client Rects, Time Zone, Language, GEO, Memory, Media, and Ports. Dolphin{anty} covers these parameters as well and provides for user anonymity. But since we have decided to be beginner-friendly, I will not go this deep into the details. Our imaginary friend James explains the situation pretty well.

As a result, Facebook will see 10 users with different browsers and computers. Even if it’s just James and his Dolphin{anty}.

I think this pretty much explains the nature of an anti-detect browser. 

Now, let’s talk about the automated campaign launch tool. Here’s another example. Imagine that John is a packager. He has to pack a bag including a notepad, a pen, a business card, a calendar, a medal, a magnet, a mug coster, and a badge. John has to pack 1000 bags per day. At the end of the day, John already hates all kinds of stationery. 

One day he discovers that there is a robot that can do it all for him. John sets the rules like the one stating that the pen goes in the bag before the calendar that should also be rolled up in advance. John presses the button, and the robot packs 1000 bags in half an hour. The next day, John’s boss says that instead of a pen you need to put a pencil and add a cookie in each bag. John presses a couple of buttons, and the robot has new rules. The robot works just as quickly, and John clocks out early. John is very happy that he has so much spare time now. 

This is an automated campaign launch in a nutshell. You set parameters in Dolphin stating that you need these GEOs, these creatives, and such an audience, etc. on your accounts. Dolphin understands you and sets up ad accounts for you. You just have to monitor the traffic.

Who would benefit from using an anti-detect browser, and who is better off with an automated campaign launch tool? 

We designate both features as affiliate marketing tools. 

I believe that every affiliate needs an anti-detect browser. Even if you launch from only 5–10 accounts, you need to make sure that the traffic source does not understand that all these accounts belong to one person. Dolphin{anty}, by the way, will be free in this case. You can create up to 10 profiles for free. And you will have access to all the features. 

If you launch from more than 10 accounts, an anti-detect browser is a necessity. One of the tariff plans in Dolphin{anty} allows for up to 100 browser profiles for $89 per month. I have no doubt that this sum pays off. Because everyone needs an anti-detect browser.

When it comes to campaign launch automation, I would say that it’s a tool for affiliate marketers who plan to stay in the industry for long and who value their time. Most beginners quit when the routine tasks become unbearable. It’s like torture — the same boring tasks every day all day. Automated campaign launch tool takes the biggest part of this routine from you and helps you to stay in the industry longer and to be more productive.

I could say that campaign launch automation is for those marketers who launch from more than 10 accounts daily. It becomes really difficult if you try doing it all manually. But I was a media buyer myself, I launched all those campaigns on my own. I think that it’s already hard to launch from 10 accounts. So, to be utterly honest, if someone else developed Dolphin and I still was an affiliate marketer, I would definitely buy the automation tool. 

What do you mean by “real fingerprint browser profiles based on Chrome”?

As I said above, Dolphin{anty} is like a box that contains many browsers. A browser fingerprint or just fingerprint is a unique set of parameters of each browser. Dolphin{anty} has a database of real fingerprints. This means that when you launch a profile in our anti-detect browser, you launch a copy of an actual Google Chrome browser profile.

Who will find your tools useful aside from the CPA marketers? 

As I have mentioned, I believe that everyone needs an anti-detect browser and an automated campaign launch tool. And if I were still driving traffic, I would definitely use these tools. Even if I had only 10 accounts.

I can’t really say who might find these tools useful outside the CPA industry. We are developing our tools specifically for affiliate marketers to cater to their needs. 

For example, with Dolphin{anty} it takes only one click to add bookmarks and browser extensions to all profiles. You can create an unlimited list of saved proxies and then simply choose the one you need during profile set-up. To add tags and notes to the accounts. Change the mobile proxy IP in one click without leaving the browser. Bulk export of cookies directly from the list of browser profiles. Bulk copy of profiles each with a random fingerprint. The list is not exhaustive. We have interviewed our users to gain a better understanding of their needs and to develop the features that will make their lives easier. We have developed our anti-detect browser based on this research.

We plan to expand the audience and adapt it to other areas, but it’s too early to talk about it.

What distinguishes you from the competition?

The ease of use. As I said, we have created a product specifically for affiliate marketers. This is why it is easier for them to use our products in their work.

How many permanent licenses have you sold by now?

Enough so we can develop the existing products and plan the new ones.

Is your anti-detect browser compatible with anything besides Facebook? 

Our anti-detect browser is compatible with Google and TikTok. The automated campaign launch tool works only with Facebook for now.

How do you collect and analyze feedback, where should one write to report a bug or suggest a new feature?

You can always contact the support team at @dolphin_support_bot. They pass the information to me or the product manager.

In general, we are all very easy to contact. We are active in user chat rooms, so you can find my contact data or the product manager’s and talk to us directly. Also, you can express your thoughts in chats. We read all the feedback and try to implement your suggestions. Concerning the anti-detect browser, you can write here, to talk about the automation tool — here

By the way, a great many features have been implemented thanks to user suggestions. So, it’s not like you are talking to a wall.

By the way, automated rules are a very controversial feature. How do affiliate marketers use your automation tool? 

To answer this, I will quote the top teams we have interviewed recently. Their opinion means more than mine. 

“We launch campaigns from more than 100 accounts for each of our media buyers. I can’t say that automated rules do not agree with Facebook. If you think of conducting research with 10 accounts or fewer — the statistics will not be reliable. You need a bigger scale for that. We have compared the results of a manual launch of 100 accounts vs an automated launch of the same 100 accounts with Dolphin. No difference, except the time Dolphin saves us.


Well, the second “controversial” thing is that some users believe that Dolphin can steal their campaign ideas. Again, I will quote an affiliate team’s owner:


“First of all, Dolphin is a self-hosted solution, and you need a login and password to access it. This means that Dolphin developers can see your ideas only if you give them access. By the way, we did that without a second thought when we needed help setting it up. And we still have the same password. And one more thing. Only beginners with 10 accounts or fewer are afraid to tell people about their campaign ideas. We can give all our ideas to anyone who asks. But this will not make you rich in a day. The idea will be dead in a week and then become useless. And cool campaign ideas are not the only things that bring profit. Affiliates also purchase supplies on special terms, develop new creative approaches, run analytics, etc.

You can find all interviews with the top affiliate teams on our YouTube channel and check my words.

What are your plans for Dolphin?

Bring the anti-detect browser to perfection. We still have an extensive list of things to do. 

And then we will move on. We have ideas for projects not related to the CPA industry. But it’s too early to talk about it.

You can learn more about Dolphin on their official website, as well as in the company’s chats: the one dedicated to the anti-detect browser and one for the automated campaign launch tool

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