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How to pass dynamic parameters on a landing page!

Hi, everyone! Today we are going to describe in detail how to pass dynamic parameters (device model, IP address, current date, etc.) on your landing. Dynamic parameters added to your page increase the level of trust and have a positive impact on conversion.

What are dynamic parameters and how can they help?

Using URL-data you can add parameters related to a particular user (e.g., city, country or IP address) to your page. Why should you state these parameters on your landing?

  • It will make your page more “exclusive” (for a would-be buyer the phrase “Special offer! Only for Paris residents!” sounds much more compelling than just “Special offer!”).
  • Based on these parameters you can develop your own unique approach to landings.

What we need:

  • Binom Tracker (other trackers operate according to the same algorithms, but tokens can differ).
  • Helper script.

This script will enable you to add URL-data acquired through a tracker’s token to the text of your landing, as well as current date and a weekday. Say, you want to state a user’s city on your page:

“Are you from New York? We have a special offer for you!”

A script will allow you to make a city’s name dynamic. For that purpose you can use this form:

The list of parameters in Binom Tracker:

<script>document.write(Helper.getUrlParameter(‘device_name’))</script> – device name (brand + model)

<script>document.write(Helper.getUrlParameter(‘browser_name’))</script> – browser name

<script>document.write(Helper.getUrlParameter(‘city’))</script> – city

<script>document.write(Helper.getUrlParameter(‘language’))</script> – browser language

<script>document.write(Helper.getUrlParameter(‘referer’))</script> – referer

<script>document.write(Helper.getUrlParameter(‘device_brand’))</script> – device brand

<script>document.write(Helper.getUrlParameter(‘device_model’))</script> – device model

<script>document.write(Helper.getUrlParameter(‘browser_version’))</script> – browser version

<script>document.write(Helper.getUrlParameter(‘resolution’))</script> – device resolution

<script>document.write(Helper.getUrlParameter(‘os_name’))</script> – OS name

<script>document.write(Helper.getUrlParameter(‘os_version’))</script> – OS version

<script>document.write(Helper.getUrlParameter(‘country’))</script> – Country

<script>document.write(Helper.getUrlParameter(‘isp’))</script> – provider

<script>document.write(Helper.getUrlParameter(‘ip’))</script> – IP address

<script>document.write(Helper.getUrlParameter(‘user_agent’))</script> – user agent

This is how that looks in Binom:

Let’s find out how to add these parameters to our landing.

Assume we need a current date, provider, IP address, country, and device model.

In a text editor, we add the Helper code and the getUrlParameter script where it fits:

The script can pass a current date and weekday on your landing. You should just add these lines to the text:

<script>document.write(Helper.getDay())</script> – weekday

<script>document.write(Helper.getDate())</script> – date in the DD Month YYYY format

After we have uploaded the landing to a server, it can be added to Binom.

To add the tokens to the landing’s link you should just push the relevant buttons:

If you push the “Test” button, the landing will look like this:

And this is what we will see if we follow a campaign’s link with this landing:

It’s an open knowledge that user-related parameters bolster trust to your landing and therefore affect conversion positively. If you still don’t use this lifehack, then you should definitely give it a try.

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