Google to simplify its content policies for publishers

28 August 2019
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Google to simplify its content policies for publishers

On August 28, Google’s officials announced that Google was going to simplify its contents policies for publishers. This action is taken in an effort to sustain a healthy digital advertising ecosystem. Google states that fighting bad actors and policy violators is a crucial part of the company’s vision of its advertising platforms. And creating a simple and understandable content policies is a part of this effort.

In September, publishers will be presented with a clear outline of the types of content where advertising is not allowed or will be restricted. Google Publisher Policies will outline the types of content that are not allowed to show ads through any of Google’s publisher products. This includes policies against illegal content, dangerous or derogatory content, and sexually explicit content, among others. 

Products such as alcohol and tobacco that may not be appealing to all advertisers will still be promoted, but only certain advertisers and advertising products will bid on it. So, this content will receive less advertising.

The Google Publisher Policies and Google Publisher Restrictions will apply to all publishers, regardless of the products they use — AdSense, AdMob or Ad Manager.

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