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Facebook rolls out a scam ad reporting tool in the UK

Facebook has launched a special tool exclusively for the UK that enables users to report ads they believe to be scams or misleading. 

How does it work?

The feature can be accessed by clicking the three dots that appear in the top-right corner of each ad on Facebook, selecting Report ad, then clicking Misleading or scam ad and, finally, Send a detailed scam report. Once a scam ad report has been submitted, the social network’s dedicated internal ops team will handle the complaint and subsequently take down violating ads.

What was the cause? 

(well, everybody hates misleading ads, duh, but there was a more legit reason)

The social media giant developed the tool in an effort to clamp down on scam ads that followed a defamation lawsuit filed in April last year by Martin Lewis, founder and chair of MoneySavingExpert.com and consumer advice personality. Lewis was appalled by the abundance of scam ads misappropriating his image to con people out of their savings. Earlier this year, however, Lewis dropped the lawsuit against Facebook after the company agreed to introduce a scam reporting tool and made a binding commitment to donate £3 million to set up a Citizens Advice Scams Action service.

What’s ahead?

Facebook’s anti-scam update is yet another sign of the social media channel’s increasing awareness of devastating consequences misleading and scam ads can bring. Moreover, it also shows that the Internet marketing industry in general is coming to the spotlight and therefore some affiliates running Facebook traffic should reconsider their promotional efforts and pay closer attention to approaches they use looking for an instant income boost.

When this feature becomes available worldwide it’s quite possible that it would become almost impossible to promote grey hat products or use such methods. So if you are working in the “grey” things are about to get tough. If you want to come to the light side, check out our article about white hat nutra offers!

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