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Where to go in Barcelona. The entertainment guide for affiliates

Affiliate World, an offline event for digital marketers and ecommerce entrepreneurs, is taking place in Barcelona on 8-9 of July.

In honor of this event, ZorbasMedia compiled a guide to the best entertainment spots of this lively city, well known for its architecture, art, food, beverages, coffee shops, and brothels. In this hedonistic guide, we will answer some questions that you, as visitors of Barcelona, may want to ask.

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How can I get to a coffee shop?

Weed in Spain exists in a legal vacuum without being completely legalized but nevertheless decriminalized for personal use. Unlike in the Netherlands, you can’t buy cannabis by just entering the shop. To get to a coffee shop, you need to do some homework first.

  1. Although you can try your chance by walking La Rambla in hope to come across a promoter who would whisper “coffee shop, coffee shop” along your way, it’s more convenient to contact a coffee shop directly via the Internet. All you need to do is to fill up the form (even prior to the arrival). For example this one. It’d be the first step to acquire the membership. The point is that you need to have the membership to walk into a coffee shop and buy stuff. The yearly membership costs around 20 euro and no weed is included in this price.
  2. A coffee shop representative then contacts you and gives you the details of where you should go to continue the registration. You need to take your ID with you.
  3. Now, it’s time to reap the rewards! You head for the coffee shop. Usually, they are located on a deserted street. You find the door, buzz a doorbell and smile at the camera. Inside there will be cozy couches and a bartender ready to take your order.

Where can I have a drink?

Beer: Homo Sibaris displays craft beers mostly from Catalunya, but you will find offerings from microbreweries around the world. They also serve regional products (cold cuts and cheese) as snacks.

Homo Sibaris

Wine: El Diset is a top modern wine bar is in the heart of one of Barcelona’s most happening neighborhoods, El Diset. It has a wide variety of vines – 90 percent is Catalan.

El Diset

Beer+decors: El Bosc de les Fades is a unique bar decorated like a fantasy forest. Very unusual but often extremely crowded. If you are there, you should definitely go for their ice cold beer and homemade tapas.

El Bosc de les Fades

Are there any strip bars or brothels?

Sure. As cannabis, they also exist in a legal vacuum. Brothels in Barcelona sometimes run as bars, nightclubs and strip clubs. Often a place with a “club” signboard signalizes a brothel rather than a nightclub with music and dances. Anyway, here are some places of interest.

Strip Club Barcelona is a luxury strip club. The place is beautifully designed. It is more expensive than usual brothels but it has discounted entry fees if you buy online.

Maison Close. “Come and visit Maison Close, a new concept of local with escorts in Barcelona. Novel, elegant, attractive, different. You can call by phone to make a reservation. Discretion, sex and escorts are a perfect combination of elegance and pleasure. Maison Close a new brothel in Barcelona that offers you the best services and the most attractive and elegant escort girls“.

La Vie En Rose. “The classiest luxury escorts in Barcelona await you at La Vie en Rose. Do you like foreign escorts? At La Vie en Rose, your best brothel in town, it is possible to find luxury escorts from all around the world ranging from Brazilian escorts and Venezuelan escorts to Russian escorts including local Spanish escorts, of course. What are you waiting for? Meet the sexiest escorts in Barcelona now!”

Where can I have a nice night out?

Pacha Barcelona. The world-famous club which brings the authentic atmosphere from Ibiza to Barcelona. This club is located near the Barcelona beach, and its atmosphere can be described both as casual and smart. Pacha Barcelona attracts the best national and international DJs to its scene including Bob Sinclar, Robbie Rivera, and Claptone.

Pacha Barcelona

Sala Apolo. Apolo actually started out as a theater, and you can still see touches of the former structure in the upstairs ballroom. It hosts one of the best parties in the city – Nasty Mondays which bets on hits, indie-rock, and pop. Although Nasty Mondays is the most popular party, there are fun events on other days of the week as well. Crappy Tuesdays concentrate on indie sound, while Caníbal, on Wednesdays, focuses on the urban sounds of trap and afrobeat. Cupcake reclaims commercial sound, and, on weekends, Nitsa Club brings the best underground electronic producers and DJs from the international scene to Barcelona. Choose wisely the day of your visit to get the best possible experience!

Sala Apolo

La Terrrazza. The venue is located in Casa Son Berga – a mountaintop castle. The way to this Spanish style chateau is through the gates of Poble Espanyol, a unique artificial village constructed in 1929 whose streets were modeled from the various styles of architecture in each region of Spain. A great combination of electronic music and open air makes the wonderful night out.

La Terrrazza

What are the best casinos?

Casino Barcelona is the most popular casino in the city. It is located in Port Olimpic, an area developed in preparation for the 1992 Summer Olympics games. Now it’s one of nightlife centers. The casino offers a wide variety of games tables, slot machines, poker tournaments, as well as football broadcastings and different restaurants. They even host special events like salsa and ballroom dancing nights and exclusive parties.

Casino Barcelona

GoldenPark. Although it’s not open 24 hours a day like Casino Barcelona, it still offers all possible casino games, including Blackjack, poker, and classic roulette.


Bingo Billare offers such products as bingo with capacity for 900 people, 150 gambling machines, an outdoor smoking terrace and two sports betting areas.

Bingo Billares

What food should I try?

Although tapas are great there are some other Spanish food options to try as well.

Bombas. Potato bombas are little stuffed mashed potato balls that you can find in Spanish tapas bars. This dish was inspired by tiny grenades that anarchists and revolutionaries used in their fight against General Franco’s Fascists. It’s served hot and topped with a spicy red sauce that represents the bombs’ explosive qualities as well as with a white garlic mayonnaise representing the string fuse that the anarchists lighted before launching their grenades.

Delicious and historical.

Potato bombas

Escalivada. Catalonians eat this dish as a first course or as an accompaniment to meats. The special characteristic of these roasted vegetables is their smoky flavor since they should be grilled over embers. Then grilled eggplant and red peppers are served on toasted bread with olive oil, garlic, and salt.


And as a dessert.

Crema Catalana. The quintessential Catalan dessert of all times: Crema Catalana is a citrus-infused cream, with vanilla custard and a crunchy layer of caramelized sugar. You may well recognize this as “creme brûlée.” The Catalans will tell you they created first, the French argue that they did. Anyway, the dessert is nice and refreshing.

Crema Catalana

What the most luxurious top restaurants where I can leave a maximum amount of money are?

Abac. Located in the Hotel of the same name, ABaC serves modern Catalan inspired cuisine with strong creativity and innovative ideas, being an essential haute cuisine space in Barcelona. The atmosphere inside can be described as elegantly sophisticated, with a total capacity of just 56 diners, ensuring that your experience will be quite intimate.


Agut. One of the oldest restaurants in town situated in El Gòtic. Perfect for testing Catalan cuisine while being surrounded by paintings of the 20th-century Catalan artists.


Lasarte. The restaurant Lasarte opened its doors in January 2006, in 2017 it was awarded 3 Michelín stars. This exquisite contemporary-style restaurant has the personal stamp of Martín Berasategui and his team. This place has become a must among restaurants not only in the city but in all of Catalonia and Spain, where cuisine bears the innovative hallmark of the chef, whose creativity is evident in the à la carte options and tasting menus alike.


Where can I cool down after intensive networking?

After intensive networking, you’d want to cool down in the sea waters. Here are the top three best beaches in the city.

Bogatell Beach. This place is a bit calmer and less busy than the central beaches. It gives a tranquil vibe and is very appreciated for safety. This is one of the beaches which were created as part of the urban planning scheme with the aim of rejuvenating the area.

Accessible services: bathrooms and showers, lifeguards, police station, information point, Barcelona WiFi, volleyball court, workout area, ping pong tables, basketball court, beach football, playground, lockers, beverage vendors, and beach umbrella and lounge chair rental.

Bogatell Beach

Platja de la Mar Bella. Another tranquil place that was created during the restoration of the seafront as part of the coastal renewal process for the Olympic games. Being a very chill place, Mar Bella is still bursting with opportunities for water sports, offering the chance to windsurf and kayak. There also a lot of space to sunbathe, play volleyball and basketball or even rollerblade.

Accessible services: Parking, accessible bathrooms and showers, lifeguard, police station, information point, Barcelona WiFi, volleyball court, basketball court, playground, workout area, ping pong tables, skate park, lockers, beach library, beverage vendors, and beach umbrella and lounge chair rental. Nudist area.

Platja de la Mar Bella

Platja de Sant Sebastià. In walking distance from the city center, this beach stretches for over a kilometer, making it one of the longest beaches in Barcelona. The part near the W Hotel provides a perfect view on the entire Barcelona coastline. Like Barceloneta, the most popular beach in town, it boasts a busy and lively atmosphere. Near the swimming pools, there are unofficial nudist and gay area.

Accessible services: Bathrooms, accessible showers, police station, lifeguard, beverage & ice cream vendors, information point, Barcelona WiFi, and lounge chair and beach umbrella rental.

Platja de Sant Sebastià

What to see?

Park Güell by Gaudí. Park Güell is a surrealistic large park designed by Antoni Gaudí. The park was built from 1900 to 1914 and was officially opened as a public park in 1926. Now you can enter it free of charge and observe various architectural elements in Gaudi’s signature style. Also, from the terrace, there is a spectacular view on the city and the sea.

Park Güell by Gaudí

The National Art Museum of Catalonia. It has the best collection of Romanesque church paintings! Highlights include the eminent Pantocrator or Christ in Majesty and the paintings from Sant Joan in Boí. The Gothic collection features a lot of the Catalan painters: Lluís Borrassà, Joan Mates, Bernat Martorell, Ramon de Mur, and Joan Antigó are amongst the finest exponents of International Gothic, a style that also coincided with the period when Valencia was flourishing as a centre for art.

The National Art Museum of Catalonia

Museu Picasso. In a small place located 3,800 artworks of Picasso: paintings, sculptures, illustrations. Although you will definitely stand in a queue for some time, the imaginative and rich collection of the museum is totally worth it.

Museu Picasso

Bonus for Russian affiliates

Ziryab is considered by many as the best hookah place.

“Ziryab has a set of beautiful imported shishas of different colors and sizes depending on what might best suit you and your group. Shishas – or hookahs – in Barcelona can be found in some Arab restaurants in the Gracia neighborhood of Barcelona or in the touristic zones down by the Port; however, Ziryab is the only place that offers you great quality shisha, with smiling service in a wonderful atmosphere, and smack bang in the heart of the quirky old neighborhood of el Born.”

If it’s not as good as their website claims, at least it’ll give you something to complain about.


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