Conversion Rate Skyrockets with Direct Click

2 December 2021
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Direct Click is a new traffic type rolled out this autumn by PropellerAds. This feature is a rather promising ad format and already shows a 120-times higher conversion rate depending on the slice!

Direct Click is available to all PropellerAds users, but for now, works only with the Onclick ad format. This feature encompasses a variety of ad formats and placements while giving you the most engaged audience that is most likely to convert. The ads are located in the best performing placements and transport the users directly to the offer page making for a shorter conversion flow.

Activating Direct Click

Follow these steps to apply the power of Direct Click to your ad campaigns.

Conversion Rate Skyrockets with Direct Click

Direct Click VS Onclick for a Pin Submit offer

The PropellerAds team has got from their partners case studies that compares the performance of Direct Click and Onclick traffic for a Pin Submit offer. Let’s take a look at the details. First, a short intro:

  • Offer type: Pin submit 
  • Conversion price: $0.4
  • Period: 11 days
  • GEO: NG + targeting by cities and mobile operators 
  • Platform: Android
  • Ad format: Onclick VS Direct Click
  • Bidding model: CPA Goal 2.0

Here is the landing page that was used for the test campaign.

Conversion Rate Skyrockets with Direct Click

The affiliate launched two separate ad campaigns for Direct Click and Onclick. 

The Onclick campaign performed well, you can check the details on the screenshot below:

Conversion Rate Skyrockets with Direct Click

And now it’s time for the Direct Click campaign results:

Conversion Rate Skyrockets with Direct Click

The figures you see in this case study are the end result of the campaign, as there was no additional behind-the-scenes optimization involved.

As you can see, the conversion rate with Direct Click was almost 3 times higher! But what is even more important, the smaller volume of traffic (compare the number of impressions in the first columns) brings better results due to the high quality of placements and an engaged audience in Direct Click campaigns. This means that you can spend less time, money, and effort on testing and optimization and still get great results.

Direct Click VS Onclick for a Sweepstakes offer

And now let us see how Direct Click performs against Onclick for a different kind of offer — sweepstakes. This is the setup:

  • Offer type: Sweepstakes
  • Daily limit: $50.00
  • Period: 27 days
  • GEO: ID
  • Platform: Android
  • Ad format: Onclick VS Direct Click
  • Bidding model: Smart CPM

Landing page that was used:

Conversion Rate Skyrockets with Direct Click

Just as in the previous case study, the affiliate launched two campaigns, separately for Direct Click and Onclick. The scope included only the new users that have not converted before. The audience was determined via the PropellerAds Demographic Targeting feature and later drawn in by a Push campaign.

Here is the performance of Direct Click campaign:

Conversion Rate Skyrockets with Direct Click

And this is how the campaign performed without Direct Click traffic:

Conversion Rate Skyrockets with Direct Click

The Direct Click campaign had the 2.49% CR compared to 0.21% CR in the regular campaign. You can also see more impressions and more conversions in the Direct Click campaign, which makes it much more profitable. Direct Click also has a lower conversion price: $0.19 compared to $0.32.

Seeing the results, the tester decided to invest more in the Direct Click campaign. In general, the affiliate got 10 000 conversions, with 9979 belonging to Direct Click.

Why Direct Click is worth your attention 

  • Direct Click gives marketers a significant CR boost because it works with the most engaged audience and brings high-quality traffic. Moreover, you need to optimize less often, as all the best traffic gets to your offers on autopilot.
  • The slightly higher cost of Direct Click is balanced out by a higher conversion rate and, consequently, higher ROI that you reach quickly. PropellerAds in-house tests have shown a CR boost of 10–120 times.
  • Since Direct Click involves an audience that is already engaged, it is easier to test new approaches and marketing angles with this traffic type.
  • Direct Click shows better numbers for the CPA, CTR, and CPM.
  • The lead price with Direct Click turns out to be lower than with regular campaigns, despite the slightly higher cost of this feature.

Direct Click performs great for any vertical, but currently, the hottest ones are:

  • iGaming
  • Pinsubmit
  • Sweepstakes
  • Extensions
  • Utilities
  • Finance

Think carefully when choosing your audience slice and targeting settings — and Direct Click will boost your performance like nothing before!

If you have any questions about Direct Click, don’t hesitate to contact PropellerAds!

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