Case study: Advidi, Admaven, Gambling. +$240 (ROI 25.79%)

3 September 2019
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Case study: Advidi, Admaven, Gambling. +$240 (ROI 25.79%)

Campaign time period: 13.07.2019 — 18.07.2019


Ad network: Admaven

Affiliate network: Advidi

Spent: ~$931

Earned: ~$1,171

Profit: $240

ROI: 25.79%

Hi everyone! In addition to our workshop (which was held in Russian), we’re publishing a text version of it in the form of a case study. We’re going to discuss how we were driving traffic to gambling offers, what problems we came across and what did and what didn’t work out.

When choosing a GEO to drive push traffic to (from Admaven Advertising Network), we relied on our manager’s advice. Back then, we didn’t know what countries generated the most conversions when it comes to running push traffic to gambling, and so we put all our trust in Advidi. The manager recommended working with the Casumo offer for Germany (most affiliates who drove traffic to gambling are familiar with this brand), and we added this offer to our ad campaigns.

This is what the offer landing page looked like:

Case study: Advidi, Admaven, Gambling. +$240 (ROI 25.79%)

As you can notice, we were driving traffic to the Direct Signup page. According to the network’s stats, this landing page performed the best.

We were also given the opportunity to work with a CPC offer from Hopa Casino. This offer is not given to just anybody, but you can get a test cap if you manage to prove the quality of your traffic and your serious intentions. For instance, we were given only 500 clicks with the payout of 1 euro (for comparison, the payout for the CPL Casumo offer was 12 euros and that for the CPA offer was 90 euros).

We also added some tokens to the link for the sake of optimization at the feed level. Considering that we were driving traffic to the CPL offer, we needed to track platforms, pre-landers and creatives from the ad network’s side. This enabled us and the ad network to find out what campaigns brought the most active players and optimize the funnel properly.

Advidi is hosted on the Cake platform, you should add the following tokens to the link (if you use the Binom tracker):

where {t1} refers to the ID of the creative we got from Admaven

{lander} —  the ID of the landing from Binom 

{t2} — the ID of the platform we got from Admaven

{clickid} — the Click ID to fire postbacks from the affiliate network

In such a manner, you can also send information about the campaign ID and carry out optimization at the campaign level.

The results we got as shown on the tracker page:

Case study: Advidi, Admaven, Gambling. +$240 (ROI 25.79%)

Unfortunately, the CPC offer was taken from us. From 500 clicks, only one user made a deposit. There are several reasons behind it:

  1. Within the framework of our workshop, we targeted a wider audience to generate sufficient data volumes, we didn’t use narrow targeting that would have allowed us to segment the audience.
  2. A score of creatives and pre-landers were included in the split test, all of which could indirectly influence the click-to-reg, reg-to-dep, and other metrics.
  3. We have only started exploring the gambling vertical. We figured out that we need a huge marketing funnel (which is witnessed by burnt-out bids in push networks).

Advice to beginners:

  1. Before launching an ad campaign, decide on what offer you’re going to drive traffic to and based on what pricing model (cost per deposit or cost per registration). Choose an option that is simpler to work with or that is more profitable for a particular funnel.
  2. Choose a GEO that is not popular among major market players. Ask your AM what all your competitors are running and what only some of them are into.
  3. Test several creatives and pre-landers, don’t just take the top promo materials. It’s likely that some creatives that you rank the lowest will bring the best results. By the way, here’s our top creative:

Case study: Advidi, Admaven, Gambling. +$240 (ROI 25.79%)

Give it a try and go for it! Gambling is a profitable and ever-growing vertical that can fill up your pockets if you use the right approach.

Thank you for your attention!

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