Alibaba Group launches affiliate program with Awin

15 August 2019

Alibaba Group launches affiliate program with Awin

Alibaba Group launches affiliate program with Awin

The Alibaba Group, China’s e-commerce giant, has taken the next step in expanding its partnership with international affiliate marketing network Awin., one of the world’s largest digital marketplaces, has now become the second Alibaba Group brand to establish an affiliate program on Awin following AliExpress.

As reported on Awin’s official website, the affiliate program is available in the UK, US, EU, LATAM and APAC. Alongside AliExpress, has managed to become one of the group’s largest retail marketplaces outside of China since it was launched back in 1999.

Both AliExpress and programs are supervised by a dedicated global account manager who is responsible for coordinating all of the regions and keeping the programs in sync with the Alibaba Group’s internal strategies.

Affiliate marketing has always been one of the most important channels for the Alibaba Group online marketplaces, and so the company has ambitious plans for the affiliate program launched on Awin. The Awin affiliate network currently comprises around 13,000 advertisers and 100,000 active publishers making sales in 180 countries throughout the globe.

Alibaba Group launches affiliate program with Awin hasn’t collaborated with affiliate networks before and has been attracting new customers through its own affiliate program. The company expects that its new global program established jointly with Awin will enable it to increase the number of daily unique visitors to one million per day by the end of this year. The program offers both a generous commission rate and an extensive bonus system for loyal publishers.

We believe that this strategic partnership of Alibaba and Awin comes at a very interesting time, just a few months before the Golden Week celebrations and Singles’ Day, China’s largest shopping holidays. In 2018 alone, the November 11th shopping festival garnered $30.8 billion for the 24-hour period. The and Awin partnership may mean that not only China but also the entire world will take interest in such shopping extravaganza, while affiliates from new regions will be able to drive customers to through Awin.

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