Nutra: Forever Young and Beautiful

1 November 2022
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What are we promoting

Nutra (or Nutraceuticals) is one of the major verticals in affiliate marketing, and for good reason – this industry generates billions of dollars every year ($85 bn in 2022 in the US alone). Nutra is a good area for affiliate marketing since its products are simple and clear, they are in high demand and have a wide GEO coverage (everybody needs a face lotion or food supplements). Nutra in most cases is a legal sphere in terms of advertising, so the search for platforms for promotion is much easier compared to gambling, for instance.

This niche deals with products from the health and beauty industry. It does not advertise medicines or real medical prescription products, only supplements, dietary items, and products that can potentially benefit health. This can include products that relate to:

  • Weight management and diet
  • Mobility enhancement (joints, arthritis)
  • Skin care and natural hair beauty
  • Athletic performance
  • Brain support and overall well-being
  • Antioxidants and vitamins
  • Hormones and similar supplements
  • Male enhancement

Nutra: Forever Young and Beautiful

Who wants Nutra products

There is an opinion that Nutra is a seasonal niche. This is partially correct. It is especially popular in winter and closer to the holiday season. Firstly, many people wish for a clean start with the turning of the year: they will surely start taking care of their health, appearance, and personal effectiveness after the New Year/Christmas celebrations. Secondly, many need to buy presents for their loved ones, and this so luckily coincides with the biggest sale spree of the year. Moreover, the winter period often brings less sunlight and higher chances of catching a virus, so it follows logically that people wish to take better care of their physical health and start looking for supplements and vitamins of all sorts.

However, Nutra can be popular in different GEO at different times of the year and for different reasons. You just need to analyze the market more carefully. For example, one of the reasons of the higher demand for nutraceuticals may be an economic crisis. If many people in the country have a reduced income, and medical services are expensive, then they can start using vitamins and supplements more actively.

For consumers of Nutra products, it is common to get hooked on certain products (even if it’s all just snake oil), as well as to buy the whole course immediately. As a result, this provides a stable income to affiliates. To make your campaigns more efficient, make sure to study the target audience in great detail. The most important thing to do is to realize who the products are meant for.

  • Is it a male or a female-targeted product?
  • What age group are you about to tap into?
  • What language does your target audience use?
  • Is it a large or small niche of potential consumers?
  • Where is the product most popular (continent, country, region)?
  • Is it a seasonal type of product? When’s the peak of demand?
  • How do usually people engage with the product? Online or offline?
  • How and to whom are similar products advertised?

Locate the audience

When it comes to GEO, it is better to start with your homeland. This is an intuitive market, so studying the target audience will not take much time. You already know the culture, traditions, and preferences. 

When you become experienced enough to consider other markets, analyze which Nutra products are desired by different countries. For example, citizens of developed western countries (Tier-1 such as the USA, Canada, UK, or France) are more concerned about their appearance, so they are definitely interested in diet supplements, cosmetics, teeth whitening products, athletic supplements, and male enhancement. Whereas countries with a tremendous number of insects (like India, the Philippines, and Thailand) are often seeking for parasite treatments. Nevertheless, these countries are interested in the beauty industry as well with more preference for herbal and natural/vegan products.

Nutra: Forever Young and Beautiful

Traffic sources for Nutra

Any traffic sources that are allowed by the advertiser are suitable for Nutra. The most popular among affiliates are teaser networks, push notifications, own websites, and social networks. Deciding on traffic sources fully depends on the type of campaigns you will run. If you prefer working with adult Nutra offers, you will face lots of troubles in Google and other platforms.

Teaser networks. When working with teaser networks, you need to arouse the user’s interest, for example:

  • promise a discount or a gift
  • use famous names
  • evoke emotions

In teaser networks, the approaches like “You won’t believe it, I lost 10 kilograms in a week” still work. If you drive traffic to the advertiser’s landing page, then choose the one where they promise a quick result. If you use a pre-lander, then try to produce motivational content.

Push networks. Push notifications work on the same principle as teasers. And the same recommendations should be followed when working on creatives.

When working with push notifications, you need to remember that if you don’t hook the reader, you won’t have a second chance. Therefore, you need to always conduct A/B testing for your creatives — this will allow you to find the optimal and profitable option.

Websites. You can create your own platform where you will recommend various means for purchase. For example, you can create a medical website and periodically publish recommendations for your offer there. Just be aware that in most jurisdictions such websites may be illegal and therefore you will need a cloaking tool.

When choosing websites as a source of advertising, you need to remember that this is a long-term project. You will have to spend time and money on website promotion and you will not get leads right away.

Nutra: Forever Young and Beautiful

Social network. Despite the difficulties that Facebook and Instagram bring into the marketers’ lives more often than not, this traffic source is still the best for many verticals.

When making creatives, be sure to consider the rules of the advertising platform. Also, get ready for the fact that you will have to cloak to get approved.

Global platforms that are more forgiving creative-wise and have fewer restrictions for ad campaigns are Opera Ads, TikTok, MGID, and AdsKeeper. Consequently, there are fewer bans here if you stick to the rules of the platform and are reasonable with creatives (vanilla style). Ads that demonstrate the particular benefit from the promoted product may pass moderation without cloaking which makes these sources attractive for novice media buyers.

Why choose Nutra 

Nutra is one of the oldest and largest verticals in affiliate marketing. For this reason, there is a lot of competition in the field. It will take some effort and stumbling around to get truly started here, since you need to understand the peculiarities of traffic sources and campaign settings, the details of the product, and the needs of the target audience. However, the payouts and the volume of traffic are worth it all.

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