ZorbasMedia and MRKTHUB to partner up

1 May 2019
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ZorbasMedia and MRKTHUB to partner up

MRKTHUB is an international affiliate marketing platform that includes MRKTHUB-365 (The Virtual Trade Show), which is a virtual online trade show for every business of our industry providing all of us with a presence 365 days per year where companies can come into the spotlight for better coverage and branding, a news portal covering everything that is going on in the affiliate market, a series of elite parties called THE BASHES, a Facebook group for professional affiliates and an aggregator of the best offers. In a nutshell, MRKTHUB enables you to get everything you need for a successful affiliate marketing career: contacts, partners and all the necessary information.

ZorbasMedia and MRKTHUB to partner up

This plethora of activities are managed by a single person — Gerard Della Porta, who loves Romance, cigars, single malt whiskey, Muay Thai and of course, Internet business. Gerard has been working in the online industry for more than 17 years. He is famous primarily for being acquainted with each and every person in the industry worldwide. He actually is MRKTHUB.

This is how he describes the start of his career:

One of my recruiters hit me up and said, “Gerard, I have an insane job for you with a top Mutual Fund company with double the base salary.” I said, “No, thanks, I am heading to California to get into the Internet Porn Business.”

First and foremost, MRKTHUB connects all those involved in the global affiliate market. The platform opens up new growth opportunities for everyone, and this philosophy goes hand in hand with that of our company. To a certain extent, MRKTHUB serves as a bridge between Europe and Asia, South America, the US and Russia, various people and various cultures. We in ZorbasMedia are deeply integrated into the Russian market, and so we are very happy that our readers now have lots of new development opportunities.

The nature of our partnership

The most important thing is that we’ve become friends. Friendship is more important than a partnership. The latter, however, expands business prospects. And this is what we are going to do, i.e. to broaden our readers’ horizons and create new opportunities.

Our content will be published on MRKTHUB platforms. In our turn, we will cover MRKTHUB’s activities on our website. It opens the door to the world of international affiliate market for our Russian audience, while for MRKTHUB we represent a window to Russia, a country with a huge and vibrant affiliate and online entrepreneur community.

Besides, we are planning to shoot a full-length interview at Gerard’s next bash on July 7 “The Barcelona Bash” which is the night before AWE which is the 8th and 9th of July.

ZorbasMedia and MRKTHUB to partner up

These parties are super-exclusive and invite-only events for top affiliates and Company leaders.  Sponsors invite clients so contact Gerard for sponsorship details. The Bangkok Bash will be December 3, 2019, in Bangkok. Please check out the last 2 years pictures and videos here. We will be there and show you what it is like. Rumor has it that these parties have changed the way people think about affiliate parties once and for all.

In conclusion, we recommend that you subscribe to MRKTHUB! If you are going to do affiliate business on a global scale, then this community will be indispensable. At least it will be much harder for you to achieve your goals without it. 

MRKTHUB site: mrkthub.com

MRKTHUB FB group: facebook.com/groups/2123027147983574/

Gerard Della Porta on FB: facebook.com/gerarddellaporta

Gerard Della Porta on IG: @gerarddellaporta

Gerard Della Porta on VKontakte: vk.com/gerarddellaporta

Skype: gerarddellaporta

Telegram: @gerarddellaporta

E-mail: gerard@mrkthub.com

New opportunities, lots of money and a global solution to scale your business for all of you!

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