Write the best converting headlines with four easy steps and five minutes of your time

16 September 2019
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Write the best converting headlines with four easy steps and five minutes of your time

You have probably heard that your lead’s attention span is now shorter than that of the infamously ill-focused goldfish. What this actually means is that an average person can concentrate on your creative for a mere eight seconds and that they won’t click on it unless it catches their attention.

To become a top affiliate, you should make high-converting creatives and write powerful headlines. For that, you need to understand consumer psychology.

To sell a product, you should hack a few psychological barriers that are aimed at preventing a person from making impulsive purchases. There are several approaches to bypass these protection mechanisms, and the 4 U’s formula is one of them.

What are the 4 U’s and where do they originate from?

The U’s formula was originally developed by Michael Masterson, a business coach with an immense entrepreneurial experience.

Write the best converting headlines with four easy steps and five minutes of your time

You don’t need to follow this exact order, but if you want to convince your would-be customers to click through your ads, be sure to take all the points into account. Now, let’s break down this formula in more detail.


The headline of your creative or landing page must provide users with a direct explanation of why a particular product is useful.

  • Penis enlargement by 5 cm a month!
  • Lose 10 kg in a week!
  • Multi-purpose compact vegetable slicer for your kitchen!

If a product you’re promoting isn’t useful, why would a user buy your miraculous diet pills, creams and next-generation frying pans?


Urgency in headlines convinces users that a product can solve their problems and alleviate their pain points in no time.

The thing is that people tend to turn to dieting or start seeking treatment for some chronic conditions at the last minute. Hence, they are in for quick results and they want to know exactly when they will get them.

If you have arthritis, then this medication will alleviate the symptoms in a month’s time. If you’re struggling with impotence, then this pill will help you right away.

You can also motivate users to hurry up with their order using limited-time offers. Add timers to your ad posts or write effective sub-headings such as:

  • A 15% discount to the first 50 orders!
  • Today only: order two weight-loss creams and get the third as a gift!
  • Only 2 hours left till the end of our special offer on quality German watches!

Ultra specificity

Be as specific and concrete as possible. Why does a pan you’re promoting beat any other kitchen utensil? Why are your pantyhose with double-covered fiber more long-lasting? Why is your anti-cellulite cream better than any other?

Your creative will convert much better if a person that sees it starts thinking, “Wow! These guys promise to solve my problem in a week’s time, while everybody else keeps saying that I will see the effects only within a month. Of course, I’ll buy it then!”

Remember: don’t try to mislead your potential customers, as it often leads to chargebacks.

And, by the way, you’d better join the light side of affiliate marketing.

Some examples of headlines:

  • Get great abs in two weeks with our electronic butterfly!
  • Get a loan in four minutes!
  • Increase your income by $1,000 a month!


Here, uniqueness stands for the benefits users get from purchasing a product. Why is your product unique and out of the ordinary? Does this ointment contain some powdered unicorn horn? If so, then mention it in your headline.

  • cPainkiller: a snake venom-based ointment for $9.99 a jar!
  • A male enhancement cream with seven medicinal herbs!
  • Want to go out on a real date? Beautiful girls with REAL photos in our app only!


To create effective click-worthy headlines, be sure to mention why your product is useful, unique and specific and encourage your would-be customer to hurry up with a purchase using limited-time offers.

Have you familiarized yourself with this new technique? It’s high time you start using it to write powerful headlines for your creatives.

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