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Google to roll out several updates to its ad policy

The search giant has announced that it is going to introduce three important changes to its ad policy, which comes as part of an effort to protect users from uncertified or questionable practices.

This November, Google will update its policy that regulates financial products and services. The company is planning to restrict the advertisement of debt settlement and debt management services. Ads promoting such services will be allowed to serve only if the advertiser is certified by Google. At that, certification won’t be available on a global scale.

To be eligible to receive Google certification, advertisers will need to be registered, licensed, or approved by the relevant authorities or accredited professional bodies in the region they are targeting. 

Ads for credit repair services will be banned from Google’s network altogether.

The updated policy will apply to all ad accounts throughout the world that promote these services directly or serve as intermediaries between consumers and third-party services.

What’s more, Google will also change its Enabling Dishonest Behaviour policy the same month. The company is going to give additional examples highlighting that this policy applies to selling data that imitates the appearance of national identification data and services facilitating the inclusion of clients as authorized users on credit lines.

Finally, in December 2019, Google will ban ads for call directory, forwarding and recording services. The new policy, however, won’t affect ads for online directory services or call recording software.

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