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Speakers reports at AWE 2019

A month ago AWE conference welcomed more than three thousand affiliates, who came  looking for new opportunities, experience, partnerships and of course insights into the latest trends in affiliate marketing. 

One of the most interesting things on a conference are reports by speakers, so organizers of the conference recorded all of the reports and now they are available to you

Gabriella Rapone of Ace Maverick Media shares her insights into e-mail marketing  and it’s best practises.

Andrew Payne talks about push-notifications and creating a funnel so effective that it bring six-figure profit. By the way, while in Barcelona ZorbasMedia recorded interview with Andrew, and the premiere is just days away!

Renz Gonzales from PropellerAds shares his thoughts on the future of today’s hottest trend in affiliate marketing — push-notifications.

Daniel Kampf from DFO Global talks about working with different native advertising networks and native campaigns setup.

These and many more reports you can watch on the AWE’s official YouTube channel.

Sasha Zuev
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