Rewrite and Summarize Texts with AI

30 May 2022
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As you might have heard, content is king. So, marketers should produce and distribute quality content. Thank you for your attention, now you can go grab a coffee and relax.

Just kidding. But it’s kind of it — you have to use good or at least decent copy to promote anything successfully. The catch is — creating high-quality texts becomes very difficult when you have to do it in bulk and very often. There are only so many ways a human mind can rephrase a sentence without repeating itself. And this is when we can use a little help from artificial intelligence. Nowadays, there are tons of AI-based tools that can change, summarize, or even create copy from scratch. While we would not recommend using robots to write texts (they are not very convincing at this stage), you definitely could use AI tools to make some changes to your copy or to make it shorter, so that it has a new spin on old ideas.

Rewrite and Summarize Texts with AI

How does this work?

The tools we mention in this article are online and mostly free to use. The process is quite simple:

  1. Open a tool and create an account or simply paste the source text in the corresponding field.
  2. Some websites require you to set the tone of voice or other rules for text processing, like desired percentage of originality or protected keywords.
  3. Hit the Rewrite or Spin button and get the source text from the corresponding field.
  4. Well done! You’ve harnessed the power of AI rewriting.

And here’s what you can get from one passage with different tone settings.

Rewrite and Summarize Texts with AI Rewrite and Summarize Texts with AI

AI rewrite tools or text spinners

Both terms rewriter and spinner mean the same thing: take a text and change some percentage of words and their order to get another version of the same text. The main requirement for the resulting text is: the text should sound as natural as possible. So it should follow the rules and specific traditions of a language, for example English. The success of spinning also depends on the language you work with, for example Russian or Japanese have a different structure from French or Swedish. Languages with a hectic word order and flexions (parts of the word that change depending on different factors, e.g. the gender and number of actors) are harder to mimic naturally than languages like English that has a more rigid word order (usually referred to as SVO or subject–verb–object). So, just bear in mind that a text spinner is a fast and cheap (or even free) solution for creating bulk copy, but the result may not be perfect if you work with specific languages.

Chimp Rewriter

Rewrite and Summarize Texts with AI

Chimp Rewriter is a popular tool for text analysis and rewriting powered by AI and NLP (Natural Language Processing). It has a desktop solution that is compatible with both Mac and Windows. The interface has a text spinner and an editor that allows for better final results. Users can run an online search for similar content and unite several pieces into a single passage.

This tool supports English, French, German, Spanish, and Italian. Users can also add new languages. The software is also compatible with other tools like with Ultimate Demon, WP Robot, SEO Content Machine, and GSA Search Engine Ranker.


There is a 14 days free trial period with full access to all features.

  • Monthly Plan with two devices and free updates is $15 a month.
  • Yearly Plan costs $99 per year, it covers the same features.

Rewrite and Summarize Texts with AI provides a slew of text-related features including generation of bio descriptions, email subject lines, CTAs, Instagram captions, post ideas, slogans, hashtags, fake names, and more. The developers promise to supply you with fresher, friendlier, informative, and plagiarism-free copy. There are over 60 templates to choose from and niche-specific rule-sets for social media, blog, sales, and other kinds of copy. supports 26 languages and also has a blog full of useful insights.

Each run of the engine generates 10 texts suggestions and costs 1 credit (a local token). You get 10 free credits every month with a free tariff, and a bonus of 40 credits after the registration.


  • has a free plan that does not require your credit card details. You will get access to 26 languages and 90+ tools. This plan gives you 10 credits monthly.
  • Pro plan is $49/month if you pay monthly or $35/month with yearly billing. It gives you unlimited credits and projects.


Rewrite and Summarize Texts with AI

Copymatic is an AI-powered tool for content generation that has a variety of features. Copy is generated with the help of GPT-3 language learning AI that has a target text of higher quality. The platform has 50 copywriting templates and 25 available languages. You can create titles, descriptions, introductions, and conclusions. It is possible to change the tone of voice and level of creativity depending on your goals, also there are features that allow for a better generation of SEO copy.

This platform also uses credits, and the “cost” of each spin depends on the length of source text.


Copymatic has a free trial (10 free credits) with limited features and two paid tariff plans.

  • Starter Plan costs $19 per month and gives 1,000 credits, access to 25+ languages, API integration, WordPress plugin, and a plagiarism checker (up to 3,000 words).
  • Pro Plan offers all the features mentioned above plus unlimited credits for $32 per month.


Rewrite and Summarize Texts with AI

Jasper or Jarvis is loved by bloggers and content writers who deal with longer text formats. It is credited as one of the best article spinners for blog posts. The platform offers a set of 50 templates, a text summarizer tool, tone settings for marketing and e-commerce, 25 languages, and numerous video lessons on how to use the tool to get the most out of it.


There is a 5-days free trial that gives you 10K credits.

  • Starter plan gives you access to 50+ templates and short-form tools, up to 5 users, and chat support for $29/month (this covers 20K words, if you need more — the price range is up to $299/month with custom plans available).
  • Boss Mode starts from $59/month (50K words) and gives you access to dozens of features.


Rewrite and Summarize Texts with AI

Quillbot has been paraphrasing content for more than 5 years. It’s a paid online tool with some free features. It has vocabulary enhancement, seven modes of rewriting in its library (Standard, Fluency, Formal, Simple, Creative, Shorten, and Expand), a Word Flipper tool that allows you to set the ratio of words you need changed, and Freeze Words tool for locking specific keywords you want to keep. The platform supports integrations with Google Docs, Google Chrome, and Microsoft Office. Another useful feature is Summarizer that makes a long-format text more concise while preserving its meaning.


  • Free Plan — 125 words on the Paraphraser, Standard and Fluency modes, 3 synonym options, 1 Freeze Word or phrase, 1,200 words on the Summarizer
  • Monthly Plan is $9.95 per month.
  • Semi-Annual Plan — $39.95 ($6.66 monthly)
  • Annual Plan — $49.95 for a year ($4.17 monthly). This plan includes unlimited words on the Paraphaser, all spinning modes, 4 synonym options, Unlimited Freeze Words and phrases, 6,000 words on the Summarizer, and Plagiarism Checker (up to 20 pages per month).


Copy is a key element that terms a mildly interested or unconvinced visitor of your webpage into a part of your audience, and then — into a lead. Such tools as text spinners or rewriters based on artificial intelligence allow marketers to safe effort on creating bulk copy and save budget they would otherwise spend on outsourcing these tasks. There is a plethora of AI-powered text spinners online, give them a try and choose the one that makes your texts perfect.

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