ADLEADPRO Ad Network Review

Founded in: 2015
ADLEADPRO is an international multi-vertical CPA network that provides affiliates with direct and indirect offers from advertisers around the world.
Offer verticals
WAP-click (mVas), nutra, sweepstakes, CPI (mobile installations), finance, SP/BS-offers, e-commerce
Number of offers
Payment models
Payout methods
USDT, Crypto, Wire, Capitalist, Bank Cards worldwide, PayPal
The minimum payout threshold
Upon request (available currency: Ruble, Euro, US Dollar, Singapore Dollar)
Accepted traffic sources
Social networks and messengers, myTarget, push classic (Android/iOS), on-site push, pops, banners, in-app (push, banners), Video, Google, Context, SEO
Prohibited traffic sources
Incentivized traffic, fraudulent traffic

ADLEADPRO is an international affiliate network that has a global GEO coverage and works in such verticals as WAP-click (mVas), nutra, sweepstakes, CPI (mobile installations), finance, SP/BS offers, and e-commerce.

ADLEADPRO Ad Network Review


ADLEADPRO is an international multi-vertical affiliate network. For affiliates, this is a win-win option. You present yourself and your affiliate experience, the network’s managers assist you in selecting the most suitable offer. You drive big volumes of quality traffic and get exclusive terms, better frequency capping, access to private offers. 

Let’s take a closer look at other ADLEADPRO benefits:

  • +10% to the first payout until April 17 with a promo code ZORBAS;
  • a wide GEO selection: Latin America, Asia, Europe, North America, Australia, Africa, CIS countries — 198 countries in Tiers 1, 2, 3;
  • WAP-click offers that will suit not only top affiliates but also beginners, thanks to ADLEADPRO. In addition, 1click flow is also available: a user subscribes in one click, and you receive payouts for each click of the user;
  • the managers that are ready to help and share their expertise so that affiliates get the maximum profit;
  • all promo materials you need;
  • an integration with Keitaro tracker;
  • rewards for big volumes, contests among the affiliates, in-house invite-only events, as well as tickets to other affiliate marketing events;
  • a smartlink, application rental including PWA, and TikTok accounts upon request;
  • in-house offers: there are several big projects in progress that are being tested in private. Reach out to your dedicated manager to apply.


To get started with ADLEADPRO, enter your email address, Skype ID, and create a password. You will receive a verification email. After that, you can start running campaigns with the network.

ADLEADPRO Ad Network Review


On the dashboard, you will find contacts of your dedicated manager and the statistics: daily and for the last 10 days. Navigate to the Statistics section to find more detailed data with filters and graphs.

ADLEADPRO allows you to activate a smartlink and to set up a referral link. If you have any questions or difficulties, contact the support team.

ADLEADPRO Ad Network Review


Currently, ADLEADPRO has 5000+ available offers, 250 of them are offers from direct advertisers. The offer database is updated daily, affiliates can activate offers only via their dedicated manager. The manager will select a pool of offers that will suit the traffic.

To access an offer, go to the Offers section, enter the number of the offer, and click on “Request access”. In the next window, specify which traffic sources you plan to work with, as well as your experience with them. After that, the request will be sent.

ADLEADPRO Ad Network Review

Payout models include CPI, CPA, CPL, CPS, and CPR.

Exclusively for ZorbasMedia readers, ADLEADPRO team revealed that offers 3066 Peru and 2852 Chile convert really well with mobile traffic and offer 3643 goes well with pop and push traffic.

ADLEADPRO Ad Network Review


The payout rate is set individually, the available currencies include Ruble, Euro, US Dollar, and Singapore dollar. The funds can be withdrawn via USDT, Crypto, Wire, Capitalist, Bank Cards worldwide, and PayPal. 

ADLEADPRO has a hold period of 1 day or more depending on the offer. You can monitor your transaction history in the Payments section of your dashboard.


The support team is available round the clock 7 days a week. 

They will select the best offer for your traffic, advise on the GEO and sources, find viable alternatives, help with integrations and campaign set-up. You will also find general support: ADLEADPRO support managers have a reputation of being the “therapists for marketers”.


ADLEADPRO are great guys, they have many offers from all over the world, work directly with advertisers, give payout rates higher than in other affiliate networks. Their managers are very responsive and are genuinely interested in helping you. They can find any offer and give a rate higher than in any other network, they can even get an offer and add it to their database! In general, ADLEADPRO is a great network and others should follow their example!

3T team.
The team works with WAP-click and NUTRA for TikTok traffic, $7,000 profit daily. Reach out via Telegram or Instagram.

We are a big company with deep expertise in mWas offers and CPI. We have been working with ADLEADPRO closely since 2017. The guys are reliable partners. Pros: regular payments, a big number of offers with high conversion rates indeed, proactive support, deep understanding of all the details, and just a great team. ADLEADPRO do have our best recommendations for sure.

SantiAds Broth.
Push and pops traffic professionals

№3 We have been working with this network for a long time. They can find any offer we want and invite us for testing. The support is always in touch and solves any issues really fast. I recommend this network as a reliable company.

The team works with TikTok traffic and WAP-click offers.

I first heard about ADLEADPRO back in 2016. I was in e-commerce at the time. We met at a conference in Cyprus. The guys picked up the right offers and helped me scale up. I am very grateful to them. Now I have great volumes in e-commerce, mVas, CPI, sweepstakes, and Nutra. All are direct advertisers from ADLEADPRO. I recommend ADLEADPRO as one of the most reliable partners in affiliate marketing.

Jerky, Head of several affiliate teams.
Work with in-app, Meta, TikTok, push and pops traffic

I have been with ADLEADPRO since the days when the network was “private”. We are a team working with pop, push, and banner traffic with $XXX daily spend. All the payouts with this network are timely and accurate. The managers are always in touch and very helpful. Highly recommend this network!

Nitita O, media buying team owner


ADLEADPRO is a multi-vertical international affiliate network that has a global GEO coverage and provides affiliates with all they need for profitable ad campaigns: smartlinks, mobile apps, TikTok accounts upon request, promo materials, and much more. And until April 17, you can get +10% on top of the first payout with a promo code ZORBAS!

Register with ADLEADPRO and top up your affiliate game!