New iOS — New Challenges

28 September 2021
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Last week, Apple made the iOS 15 available for installation, the new release will presumably give users more control over their data and the way it is used. Marketers all over the globe have been fighting non-stop to deliver pinpoint personalized ads to their audiences, despite the ATT, tracking opt-outs, and the decline of third-party cookies. Let’s break down the latest hurdle Apple has placed before us.

The new Focus mode is there to help users fight distraction by limiting the number and type of notifications to fit the mode and the activity the user is engaged in at the moment.

Mail Privacy Protection will randomize user’s IP address and cloud the device, so that email marketers will not be able to track or target such devices properly. It will also be impossible to know whether the email has been opened at all.

App Privacy Reports store the previous 7-days’ worth of app data about number of permissions to access information and third parties that got the user’s data in the end.

Temporary location sharing enables Apple users to share their location only for a limited period of time without the need to revoke the permission afterward.

iCloud+ with a Private Relay encrypts data and masks users’ IP and DNS requests. Hide My Email feature is an email address-cloaking tool that allows to hide the real address and provide websites and brands with a fake one.

Some argue that we are heading towards the full absence of user-level data, and this means that it’s high time to stop concentrating on KPIs and metrics so hard and to come up with new ways of reaching your audience. For advertisers, it may be a more pronounced brand identity centered around storytelling and customer communities. For marketers, this may be a signal for less is more approaches: higher quality of content, smaller audiences for the bottom of the funnel campaigns. The decline of user data calls for closer relationships all around: advertiser to marketer, marketer to publisher and to the audience.

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