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How to get a free ticket to Affiliate Summit Europe

Hello! In our Affiliate Summit Europe conference announcement, we promised to tell you how to get a free ticket.

A free ticket equates to a VIP ticket, the only difference being the lack of provided lunch on the second and third days of the event.

Some general rules for the candidates:

  • according to the organizers, the tickets are being sold and given away very fast, so we advise you to hurry;
  • the last day to send in your application is the 22nd of February. If they run out of tickets, registration may become unavailable even sooner;
  • it takes 5 business days to process an application;
  • if you get a free ticket, you’re obligated to either attend the conference or to cancel your participation. Otherwise, you won’t be able to get free entrance tickets in the future.

The process of getting a ticket if you’re an affiliate

Attention! This ticket category is only meant for affiliates. Don’t try to trick the organizers if you don’t want your entrance to be annulled.

A maximum amount of tickets given to the same company is two. Each participant has to fill out a separate application.

Application form link

In the application, you need to include:

  • name;
  • email address;
  • occupation;
  • name of your company (if you work alone, write “Individual”);
  • company mailing address;
  • links to your websites (if you don’t have any, indicate that you buy traffic);
  • links and screenshots that prove your competence (here you can include referral links from affiliate networks and statistics screenshots).

Then you need to carefully read and agree to the rules of attending the conference, and also agree to the confidentiality policy. Done! We remind you that it takes five days to process an application, so you’ll need some patience.

The process of getting a ticket if you’re an advertiser

Attention! This ticket category is meant only for direct advertisers. Affiliate network owners or representatives can’t apply for a free entrance.

Application form link

In the application, you need to mention:

  • name;
  • email address;
  • a phone number to contact you;
  • occupation;
  • name of your company;
  • link to your affiliate program.

Next, you need to carefully read and agree to the rules of attending the conference, and also agree to the confidentiality policy. Your application is submitted!

We hope this guide will help you get your free ticket to Affiliate Summit Europe. ZorbasMedia team will attend the event. We’re waiting for you in Amsterdam!

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