MAC Kyiv 2019 Review by ZorbasMedia

11 November 2019
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MAC Kyiv 2019 Review by ZorbasMedia

You’re watching our review of MAC Kyiv 2019, an affiliate marketing conference that was held on October 8 and was attended both by Russian-speaking and global affiliate brands.

We met with senior representatives of major CPA companies to discuss digital marketing, the CIS affiliate community, and the latest industry trends. We have also found out what benefits Russian-speaking conferences hold for international businesses.

0:30 – PropellerAds: new native ad format.

1:00 – What traffic type should beginner affiliates start with, push or native?

1:38 – How to maintain the install price at an acceptable level? Advice from Clicklead CEO.

2:02 – The advantages of in-house apps over those built by affiliates.

2:40 – The most popular nutra offers to date.

3:41 – Why foreign companies attend Russian-speaking affiliate conferences?

4:19 – What international businesses are looking for at MAC Kyiv?

4:58 – The benefits that a Russian-speaking affiliate community holds for global brands.

5:40 – Discussing the advantages and potential of MAC.

6:20 – Affiliate insights from a senior AM at RevolutionForce.

7:01 – Peter from Advidi on the Russian-speaking affiliate community and MAC Kyiv

Release partners

PropellerAds is a widely-known advertising network and a major traffic source with over 3 billion ad impressions daily. PropellerAds is a team of professionals that has been providing the most extensive settings for your ad campaigns, unique targeting options and auto-optimization solutions since 2011.

  • Ad formats: push notifications, native and popunder ads.
  • Coverage: more than 195 countries.

Clicklead is an affiliate CPA network and a major developer of CPA apps. Clicklead’s best-performing verticals are gambling, dating and CPA apps that convert well on all geos. A CPA platform developed from scratch, CPA apps for all geos and handy solutions for webmasters — these have been Clicklead’s trademarks since 2016.

Clicklead has been your trusted partner in affiliate marketing since 2016.

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