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Google to introduce conversion adjustment per campaign

How well you do in online marketing is directly connected to conversion tracking: it’s your tool in assessing the performance of your ads through monitoring all meaningful ways the users respond to them (i.e. signing up, purchasing, etc.) With its new update announced at Google Marketing Live, Google introduced campaign-level conversion settings, making a valuable improvement in conversion tracking. Visit this link if you need help with enabling them.

No more creating multiple accounts just to optimize your campaigns whenever conversion actions applied to one would not fit the other, or keeping all your campaigns in one place and knowing some of them would have more success with a different approach. Now you’ll be able to decide, at the campaign level, which conversion actions are included in the Conversions column.

This kind of room for maneuver saves you the time and effort of creating numerous accounts with setups that would fit all your campaigns individually, and with this, you can easily assign appropriate actions wherever they’ll work best. What you have in the end is a more sophisticated process that saves your time, lets you optimize your campaigns, and gives you more latitude with Smart Bidding.

Useful tip. According to Google, the best way of using the feature is to make sure your campaigns cover a range of various conversion types. Simply going for Target ROAS is just as effective if the values setup for multiple conversion types fit all other campaigns in your account.

To find out more about conversion actions at the campaign level, check out Google’s Help Center.

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