FlexCard — virtual cards to pay for everything

20 November 2023
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The registration process is streamlined, requiring no documentation. Benefit from rapid top-ups and unrestricted access to cards featuring USD & EUR BINs through FlexCard, a leading virtual card issuance service. Each card is priced at $2; however, as a new user leveraging the promo code, you receive 100 free test cards.

FlexCard is a reliable platform compatible with various advertising platforms such as Facebook Ads, Google Ads, TikTok Ads, and other online shopping platforms, including app purchases on Google Play. The service ensures security through 3D-Secure authentication, with codes delivered directly to your personal account, guaranteeing the protection of all your cards.

Why choose FlexCard over other services?

  • Affordable: bards start at just $2.
  • Flexible top-up: begin with a minimum top-up of $50.
  • Unlimited issuance: get virtual cards swiftly and without restrictions.
  • Transparent fees: a flat 3.5% top-up fee with no hidden charges.
  • Diverse BINs: access a variety of reliable BINs.
  • Team collaboration: convenient features for teamwork.
  • Expert support: professional guidance on the best BIN for your traffic source.
  • Referral program: earn 30% from each referred user.
  • Flexible terms: adapt the service to your needs.
  • Analytics: detailed insights for each BIN, facilitating easy linkage to your advertising account.
  • No hidden fees: transparent pricing with no surprises.

Pay with FlexCard virtual cards at a plethora of platforms

  • Facebook
  • Google
  • TikTok
  • Snapchat
  • Twitter
  • Google Play Console
  • Google Play (applications, games, e-books, movies)
  • Taboola
  • SOAX
  • Bing (Microsoft Ads)
  • Discord
  • LinkedIn
  • Shopify
  • Zoom
  • Propeller Ads
  • Telegram Premium
  • Quora
  • Reddit
  • MagicChecker

Terms of working with FlexCard

Users experience swift registration without the burden of document submission and embrace the convenience of unlimited instant card issuance – a distinctive advantage provided by FlexCard. Combine this with nominal card issuance and top-up fees, alongside the benefit of complimentary test cards, and FlexCard emerges as a highly lucrative choice for affiliates in the contemporary market.

The card issuance cost ranges from $2 to $4, with no additional service fees incurred. Treated as Visa Business debit cards, these cards ensure seamless transactions. Boasting an extensive array of BINs, FlexCard consistently updates its database with new additions every 3–4 months.

FlexCard’s BINs are processed as European and LATAM, covering Estonia, the UK, Spain, and Brazil. This feature ensures adaptability and flexibility to cater to diverse affiliate marketing requirements with utmost precision.

BIN Recommendations
London, Narva Facebook, TikTok
New York, Tapa Facebook, TikTok, Google
Madrid Facebook
Keila TikTok
Tartu, Tallinn, Rio de Janeiro Facebook, Google


FlexCard — virtual cards to pay for everything

FlexCard simplifies your financial management with a unified balance system. Instead of deducting funds directly from the card, they are withdrawn from the associated BIN. This eliminates the need for frequent money transfers from your account to the card. Just set your desired limit for daily or monthly debiting, and you’re good to go.

FlexCard — virtual cards to pay for everything

Top-up methods and fees

Cards can be topped up by any convenient method:

  • USDT (no additional fees)
  • Bank transfer (no additional fees)
  • Transfer from partner networks balance (no additional fees). Check with support for details

Each BIN has separate fees for top-ups:

  • London, Narva, New York, Tapa, Keila, Tartu, Tallinn 4%
  • Madrid, Rio de Janeiro 3.5%

FlexCard — virtual cards to pay for everything


The registration process with FlexCard is streamlined into a two-step procedure, requiring no documentation and consuming a mere 5 minutes of your time. Unlike traditional processes, there’s no necessity for SMS or passport details. The guidance of a manager is essential for accessing the system. Although providing a phone number is optional, it can significantly enhance the overall convenience of the registration process.

FlexCard — virtual cards to pay for everything

Free analytics

The Analytics section has recently become publicly available, analyzing the popularity of sources and the BINs most often associated with them. This provides a valuable tool for making informed decisions, analyzing data, and enhancing the efficiency of your FlexCard transactions!

FlexCard — virtual cards to pay for everything

Teamwork features

The personal account is straightforward and easy to understand, tailored specifically for issuing cards, managing them, and distributing cards among team members—exactly what an affiliate marketer needs, and nothing more.

In your account, you will find roles:

  • Owner team lead
  • Manager manager/team lead
  • Teammate user. They can be subordinate to the team owner or manager, allowing you to create departments within your team.

The team functionality enables the issuance of cards for both yourself and other team members. However, this option is exclusive to owners and team leads; regular users can only utilize the cards.

Binding manager — one of the main benefits of FlexCard

The binding manager is a key advantage of FlexCard. The service offers a startup guide, making it accessible for beginners to launch advertising. Assistance is provided for dealing with proxies and accounts. The binding manager shares all contacts, guiding users on where to purchase necessary items and explaining the process of binding proxies with specific accounts.

Gifts section

One of the major perks is the Gifts section, featuring over 130 bonuses from FlexCard partners. FlexCard prioritizes ensuring users receive maximum benefits from the service. The platform’s partners offer exclusive discounts and bonuses, enhancing the convenience and profitability of your advertising launch. FlexCard has curated a diverse selection of partners, including services, SEO tools, mobile apps, anti-detect browsers, creatives, advertising accounts, cloaking tools, ad spy tools, CPA tracking software, proxies, and affiliate programs, all designed especially for you.

FlexCard — virtual cards to pay for everything

In summary

  • Reliable BINs
  • Swift and limitless card issuance
  • No charges for card maintenance
  • Affordable issuance costs (ranging from $2 to $4)
  • Binding manager
  • Regular addition of BINs every 3–4 months
  • Lucrative referral program with a generous 30% profit from each referral

Thank you for reading the review to the end. Write the promo code FlexZM to support by email or on Telegram and get 100 FlexCard cards for free.

After registration, explore the Gifts section for 130+ bonuses from all FlexCard partners!

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