Facebook declares war on sensational nutra posts

3 July 2019
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Facebook declares war on sensational nutra posts

On July 2, Facebook announced in a blog post that it was going to minimize posts promoting weight loss pills, diet products, various remedies and nutra products as a whole.

The new policy will affect posts that make sensational or misleading claims about miracle cures against certain diseases. Moreover, Facebook is also going to reduce posts attempting to sell products and services based on health-related rhetoric. For example, posts promoting weight loss pills or creams claiming to help you enlarge certain organs will be shown much less frequently.

The social media giant is planning to tackle the issue in a similar way to how it has previously combated clickbait content. The algorithm will analyze and identify phrases commonly used in posts promoting a healthy lifestyle, fitness, weight loss pills, and diet products, and subsequently show these lower in the News Feed, thereby reducing ad content a user is exposed to. All these updates are aimed at fighting misleading information and low-quality content.

What consequences will it entail for affiliates driving Facebook traffic? How these updates will affect them? To answer these questions, we reached out to Facebook experts. Here’s what they said:

The changes won’t affect affiliates at all. Affiliate marketers have absolutely nothing to worry about. The algorithm influences only non-commercial traffic. Facebook will continue to show paid nutra ads.

— Artem Kravchenko, Head of PR and Marketing at Adcombo.

There is nothing to be afraid of. It’s just another Facebook update, the company is tightening the screws, so to say. However, as we all know, even the most appalling screws won’t deter affiliates. I think that they will adjust to all the upcoming changes.

— Sensey, top affiliate, owner of the Indigo browser.

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