One link to rule them all, or how does Smartlink work?

26 March 2019
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One link to rule them all, or how does Smartlink work?

In simple terms, Smartlink is a set of offers (sometimes hundreds of them) wrapped in one link. When you click on it, an algorithm processing thousands of campaigns per day takes stock of your traffic parameters (such as a GEO, connection type and platform) and redirects it to the most profitable offers (in terms of EPC).

One link to rule them all, or how does Smartlink work?

So, how does it all work?

Usually, affiliates select several offers to test and promote, then analyze the received data and optimize the campaign accordingly. We prioritize certain offers while directing less traffic to others and abandoning some altogether.

On the other hand, Smartlink allows you to run targeted campaigns, as the algorithms embedded in it constantly analyze traffic and redirect it to the best performing offers. At that, the accuracy of the algorithm increases with the volume of processed traffic.

And now a short and simple example of how it works

(Disclaimer: in this case conversion returns are equal at each stage)

Imagine that the system processes our traffic in three stages (in fact, the optimization is ongoing).  Say, we run a popunder campaign with 10,000 clicks.

In the first stage, clicks will be distributed evenly across the offers, while the number of conversions will be measured.

Offer 1 – 25% >> 2 conversions

Offer 2 – 25% >> 5 conversions

Offer 3 – 25% >> 10 conversions

Offer 4 – 25% >> 3 conversions

Of the 10,000 purchased impressions, we got a total of 20 conversions (all calculations and examples are given to demonstrate the inner workings of the algorithm).

Having analyzed the received information, the system will start to direct more traffic to Offers 2 and 3 just because they have higher rates of return.

In the second stage, traffic will be distributed in a different manner.

Offer 1 – 10% >> 1 conversion     

Offer 2 – 25% >> 5 conversions

Offer 3 – 50% >> 20 conversions

Offer 4 – 15% >> 2 conversions

So, In the second stage, of the 10,000 purchased clicks, we will presumably receive 28 conversions.

The third stage can look like this:

Offer 1 – 3.7% >> 0 conversions

Offer 2 – 19% >> 4 conversions

Offer 3 – 70% >> 28 conversions

Offer 4 – 7.3% >> 1 conversion

Of another 10,000 clicks, we will get a total of 33 conversions (this the simplest basic example, as real algorithms, take into account many parameters and direct your traffic to secure the maximum revenue for you).

Thus, the number of conversions increased by almost 50% as compared to the initial result.  Now imagine that every minute thousand of such mini-campaigns are being run, and the results of each of them are processed and stored by Smartlink algorithms in real time.  This provides for more targeted and effective traffic distribution. Roughly speaking, the system knows how to run campaigns in a smart way.

Why should you try Smartlink?

This tool simplifies A/B testing, automates optimization significantly and enables you to maximize heterogeneous traffic by rotating it to different offers. It spares you the need to adjust promotional materials, as the system selects the most profitable ones, while the setup takes only a few minutes.

Smartlink gives beginner affiliates an opportunity to hone their skills and knowledge with less risk and labor intensity, as well as to enhance their understanding of traffic and offers. Smartlink will also allow more experienced marketers to monetize remnant traffic, but we will cover this in a separate article. Stay tuned.

Where to find this magic link?

Affiliate networks operating with Smartlink include Mobidea, LosPollos, ArmorAds, imonetizeit, Gasmobi with their “Maggie” Smartlink. Each network has its own offers and payment options, so you should run some tests and choose what works best for you.

This technology enables an affiliate to spend more time working with traffic, while Smartlink will optimize the selection of offers.

If you have any questions left, feel free to ask us in the comments below.

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