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A list of conferences dedicated to affiliate marketing (spring of 2019)

Hello! Today we’ve prepared for you a small playbill of upcoming affiliate conferences.

All large conferences of this spring are courteously gathered in the same place. The geography is vast — from Sweden to Belarus. Some are even free. Choose by the specialty, and have a productive time networking — the basis of affiliate marketing.

1. The European Summit

Website: https://www.theeuropeansummit.com/

Dates: 1-4, March 2019

Place: Lisbon, Portugal

Specialization: General, Adult

The annual conference plans to host 3500 participants. During the conference, you can: meet up with colleagues, find new sources of traffic, agree on private terms with affiliate networks. For affiliates, there’s a special offer – a chance to attend the conference entirely free of cost! How? Read in the article.

2. Affiliate Summit Europe

Website: https://www.affiliatesummit.com/euro

Dates: 12-14, March 2019

Place: Amsterdam, Netherlands

Specialization: General

The annual conference in Europe brings together affiliates, webmasters, people from affiliate and advertising networks from around the whole world. In 3 days you’ll get a chance to talk with the industry representatives, listen to interesting reports, and score some useful contacts. One of the conference’s special features – Meet Market – will let you meet your affiliate network’s representative face to face, and talk to them at the event.

3. CpaConf

Website: http://cpaconf.com/

Date: 15, March 2019

Place: Kiev, Ukraine

Specialization: General

24 speakers, 6 themed sections, 1300+ participants – that’s CpaConf. The capital of Ukraine will host guests from 14 countries, which is a wonderful way to meet foreign partners and strengthen your relationships.

4. Nordic Affiliate Conference

Website: https://nac.igbaffiliate.com/

Dates: 27-28, March 2019

Place: Stockholm, Sweden

Specialization: General

At the end of March, the temperature in the capital of Sweden will go up – the conference seems like it’s going to be lit! The event will take place in the lounge-style format, meaning that you’ll get an opportunity to talk with the market leaders and colleagues in a calm, casual setting.

5. Moscow Affiliate Conference

Website: http://affiliateconf.com/

Dates: 9-10, April 2019

Place: Moscow, Russia

Specialization: General

The conference that’s by now a tradition (held since 2017) opens its gates every year, welcoming anyone connected to online-advertising. Moscow becomes a meeting point for the entire CIS-community, although foreign companies and affiliates don’t walk by either. The organizers are the affiliate network Leadbit, the STM forum, and the event coordinating company Traffic Cardinal.

6. Prague iGaming & Affiliate Conference

Website: https://cz.affiliate.events

Date: 11, April 2019

Place: Prague, Czech Republic

Specialization: Gambling

The conference specializes in the Gambling vertical and will feature all trends and perspectives of the online gambling industry. Everyone who’s interested in gambling should take note – among the discussion topics are methods of working with big sources of traffic, content development strategies, and optimizing online-casino platforms for affiliate marketing.

7. CPALife

Website: https://cpalife.su/

Date: 18, April 2019

Place: Saint Petersburg, Russia

Specialization: General

More than 2500 participants plan to attend CPALife, which will take place in the “Saint-Petersburg” hotel. 35 speakers will perform on stage, so everyone will get some useful information! This year the conference switched its executives – now, the affiliate CPA network Lucky. Online is responsible for hosting guests and participants. Will the new organizers be able to maintain the high level of the event? We’ll find out in April!

8. Minsk iGaming Affiliate Conference

Website: https://belarus.affiliate.events/

Date: 24, April 2019

Place: Minsk, Belarus

Specialization: Gambling

On the 24th of April, the capital of Belarus will host another iGaming conference. An additional meeting point for those who work with the gambling vertical. The stage will be occupied by the industry leaders, reporting on topics like creating your own online-casino, blockchain in the gambling industry, attracting a player to an online-casino and keeping them interested.

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