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AWA. Affiliate World Asia. Review by ZorbasMedia

Affiliate World Asia is the largest affiliate marketing conference in the eastern hemisphere that ended less than 2 weeks ago, and here’s our review of the conference that more than 3500 people from all around the world attended. During the conference, we met with speakers and representatives of the industry’s leading companies to talk about latest and future trends in affiliate marketing and advertising on the Internet.

  • 1:47 — 2020 for finance and online trading. What does the future hold?
  • 2:30 — Zeydoo. New kid on the block.
  • 5:00 — How was 2019 for Matuloo, one of the STM’s moderators?
  • 5:45 — Is mainstream taking over?
  • 6:40 — Local dating, a big trend of 2020?
  • 7:59— People moving toward whitehat. Why?
  • 11:38 — Trends for 2020 from a media buyer
  • 12:57 — AWA vs. AWE
  • 13:25 — AWA, affiliate marketing of the East
  • 15:15 — Google AI. Friend or foe?
  • 15:50 — A few wise words
  • 18:15 — Starting with Google? Do this first!

Release partners

TopOffers is a CPA affiliate network that provides access to more than 2000 offers covering over 150 GEOs. The network’s database of exclusive offers showcases the most lucrative offer types in such verticals as Dating, Gaming, Cams, Sweepstakes, Astro, and Crypto.

ProfitSocial is a SmartLink technology for every vertical (Dating, Gaming, Cams, Sweepstakes, Astro, and Crypto). The SmartLink guarantees high CR and latest promo materials combined with an automatically optimized funnel. In a nutshell, one SmartLink to rule them all.

Zeydoo is an affiliate network powered by PropellerAds. Hand-picked offers from first-class direct advertisers, in-house platform, high rates and 24/7 support are the main features of Zeydoo.

Media500 is a high paced, high paying CPA Affiliate Network, hosting some of the highest converting offers and boasting the industry’s highest conversion rates and payouts in our vertical.

ADeer (former NutraLight Ads) is a CPA marketing network with in-house and direct nutra, CC Submit, sweepstake and COD offers. The ADeer team builds long-term trusting relationships with its publishers and advertisers.

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