The Power of Introduction: Captivate Your Readers’ Attention Until the Conclusion

21 July 2023
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When users come to your web page, they tend to focus on only about 20% of the words on the page. Users prefer to scan the table of contents and subheadings to determine if the content is worth their time and attention. As a content creator, you face the challenge of capturing and holding a reader’s interest within just a few seconds. However, all hope is not lost.

The article introduction can serve as a powerful tool in your content marketing arsenal. It plays a crucial role in grabbing the reader’s attention and enticing them to continue reading. But how can you make this tool work effectively?

In this article, we will explore proven strategies to craft compelling and engaging article introductions. 

The Power of Introduction: Captivate Your Readers' Attention Until the Conclusion

What makes the intro so important

If readers tend to focus on the table of contents, you might wonder why introductions are necessary. However, omitting important information about the article’s content in the intro can cause readers to lose interest and leave the page. A well-crafted intro, with compelling hooks, has the power to guide readers toward the conclusion. It serves several purposes: 

  • Firstly, it sets clear expectations for the readers, giving them an idea of what to expect from the article. 
  • Secondly, it intrigues the audience and compels them to continue reading, capturing their attention from the very beginning. 
  • Lastly, a good intro communicates the value that readers will gain from investing their time in the article.

To write a strong intro that keeps the reader engaged, consider the following ideas and techniques. 

Problem — solution

The first approach is particularly effective for capturing the attention of your target audience that came from a search engine and demonstrating that you can provide them with the information they seek. Here’s how it works:

  • Start by presenting a relatable problem or issue that your target reader can identify with and agree upon.
  • Promise a solution to that issue, offering a glimpse of the value they will gain from reading further.
  • Provide a brief overview of what the article entails, giving readers a clear understanding of what they can expect to find within its contents.

An example:

Are you tired of the same old pasta dishes that lack excitement and flavor? Do you find yourself craving a solution to elevate your pasta game and impress your taste buds? Look no further! 

In this article, we will unveil a variety of mouthwatering pasta recipes that will revolutionize your culinary experience. From creamy carbonara to zesty lemon garlic shrimp pasta, we have something to satisfy every palate. 

Get ready to embark on a gastronomic journey as we explore the art of pasta preparation, share expert tips, and guide you through the step-by-step process of creating these delectable dishes. Get ready to elevate your pasta game and become a true pasta connoisseur. Let’s dive in.

By employing this method, you can keep the intro concise, straightforward, and enticing. It effectively engages the reader by addressing their concerns, offering a solution, and setting clear expectations for the rest of the article.

The Power of Introduction: Captivate Your Readers' Attention Until the Conclusion

AIDA (attention, interest, desire, action)

One of the widely used copywriting techniques is AIDA (Attention, Interest, Desire, Action). AIDA is effective not only for sales content, but also for crafting engaging introductions. By following the AIDA framework, you can create introductions that:

  • Grab the reader’s attention right from the first sentence, using compelling hooks or intriguing statements.
  • Capture the reader’s interest by introducing something new, unique, or thought-provoking that piques their curiosity.
  • Evoke a desire to learn more by clearly communicating the benefits or value they will gain from reading the content.
  • Encourage the reader to take action, in this case, to continue reading and explore the rest of the article.

An example:

Are you ready to unleash your inner dancer and groove to the rhythm of hip-hop? Welcome to our vibrant and dynamic hip-hop dance school, where passion meets skill and creativity knows no bounds. We invite you to join our community of aspiring dancers and explore the electrifying world of hip-hop. From mind-blowing choreography to jaw-dropping moves, we are here to ignite your passion for dance and take your skills to new heights. Get ready to break it down, pop, and lock as we guide you through the fundamentals of hip-hop dance and share insider tips from our team of experienced instructors. 

Whether you’re a seasoned dancer or a beginner taking your first steps, you will definitely find something new in our article for your dance.

So, lace up your sneakers, turn up the music, and get ready to embark on an exhilarating journey into the world of hip-hop dance. Let’s make your dance dreams a reality.

The Power of Introduction: Captivate Your Readers' Attention Until the Conclusion

By applying the AIDA technique to your intro, you can effectively engage your audience, spark their interest, and motivate them to delve deeper into the content. This approach helps create a strong connection with the reader and increases the likelihood of them staying engaged throughout the entire piece.

Set a scene in your intro

This method of intro creates an immersive atmosphere for readers, igniting their curiosity and providing them with a clear understanding of what to expect. It is particularly effective for introducing new topics or news releases. By setting the scene in your introduction, you can achieve several objectives:

  • Define a clear position on a particular issue or topic, establishing your perspective from the outset.
  • Highlight specific aspects or key points of your content, directing the reader’s attention to important information.
  • Manipulate the reader’s emotions by setting the right tone, evoking certain feelings or reactions right from the start.
  • Appeal to the reader’s imagination and engage them in the thought process, encouraging active participation and reflection.

An example:

Imagine stepping into a serene oasis, where the air is filled with the delightful scent of natural hair products and the sound of soft jazz fills the room. Welcome to our exclusive curly-hair-method salon, where we celebrate the beauty and uniqueness of curly hair like no other. Our dedicated team of curly hair specialists is passionate about helping you embrace your natural texture and unleash your inner confidence. 

From the moment you enter our salon, you’ll be greeted by a warm and inviting ambiance, designed to make you feel right at home. We understand the challenges and frustrations that come with curly hair, and we’re here to guide you every step of the way. 

And now, let us introduce you our hair stylists and their competences.

The Power of Introduction: Captivate Your Readers' Attention Until the Conclusion

The Socratic method

The Socratic Method, inspired by the teachings of the Greek philosopher Socrates, involves posing reasoned questions to ignite curiosity and encourage critical thinking. This approach is highly effective for creating engaging content introductions that hook the reader and facilitate a smooth flow of reading.

It’s important to note that utilizing the Socratic Method in your introductions goes beyond simply asking a single question in the first sentence. To maximize its impact, aim to incorporate at least two consecutive questions. Each question should be concise and directly relevant to the information presented in the content.

An example:

Have you ever wondered what lies beneath the vast expanse of the ocean, where gentle giants roam freely in the depths? How do these magnificent creatures navigate the vast oceans and communicate with one another? Join us on an extraordinary journey as we dive into the captivating world of whales, where mystery and wonder abound. From the graceful humpback whales that mesmerize with their acrobatic displays to the majestic blue whales, the largest creatures to have ever graced our planet, we will unravel the secrets of these awe-inspiring beings. Let’s discover the vital role whales play in maintaining the delicate balance of our marine ecosystems together!

The Power of Introduction: Captivate Your Readers' Attention Until the Conclusion

By structuring your introduction with a series of thought-provoking questions, you can captivate the reader’s attention and stimulate their curiosity. This approach encourages active engagement and sets the stage for a deeper exploration of the content.

Short and catchy

When crafting your introduction, it’s important to consider that readers prefer content that is easy to comprehend. Avoid overwhelming them with complex sentences and lengthy paragraphs. Instead, aim for a visually readable, concise, and easily understandable introduction.

To hook your audience from the start, begin with a short sentence that captures their attention. But how can you determine what will truly engage and grab their interest? Consider asking an intriguing question, making a controversial statement, utilizing a quote or statistics, or revealing an unexpected fact. In essence, strive to say something that excites your audience — something out of the ordinary and unexpected. Whether it’s a question or a statement, make it intriguing enough to leave readers wanting to learn more. 

To enhance the impact, address a pain point that your readers may have. By demonstrating an understanding of their challenges, you can evoke empathy and build a connection. So, the formula can look the following way:

  • Start with a concise and impactful message.
  • Address a pain point that resonates with your audience.
  • Capture their attention with something unusual or unexpected, eliciting a positive response.

An example:

Are you struggling to keep your adorable puppy looking clean and well-groomed? Do you find yourself overwhelmed by the endless fur shedding and tangled knots? Fear not, for we have the ultimate guide to puppy grooming that will transform your furry friend into a picture-perfect pooch. In this article, we will share expert tips, techniques, and insider secrets. From mastering the art of brushing and bathing to tackling those pesky nail trims and ear cleanings, we’ve got you covered. So, grab your grooming tools and let’s dive into the wonderful world of puppy grooming!

The Power of Introduction: Captivate Your Readers' Attention Until the Conclusion


The power of a captivating introduction cannot be underestimated. It serves as the gateway to your content, setting the stage for a memorable reading experience. By employing effective techniques such as posing thought-provoking questions or making intriguing statements, you can grab your readers’ attention from the very beginning. A well-crafted introduction not only captures their interest but also establishes a connection, enticing them to continue reading until the very end. 

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