Amazon Associates program: monetize your blog

5 August 2019
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Amazon Associates program: monetize your blog

There are 500 million blogs on the Internet. However, there are fewer opportunities to monetize them. Today we will talk about one of these opportunities: Amazon Associates program.

Imagine you review books. You have lots of readers. Put an Amazon link on a book’s page in your article and get a commission for its purchase. Make a site with weird Amazon products and get money as well. You don’t have to advertise anything! Here’s a case study of an affiliate making $2000 monthly with Amazon Associates.

In this article, we answer several questions so that you could decide whether this method of generating income is for you.

Amazon Associates program: monetize your blog

Amazon Associates Program. Main page

Who is this program for?

Bloggers, vloggers and YouTubers usually earn money with Amazon Associates. If a user clicks on your affiliate link and makes a purchase, you will get a commission on that item. The most convenient kind of blog is a review blog. A customer wants to consider the advantages and disadvantages of the product before making a purchase. It will be perfect if your blog helps to make a choice. The best option is when you are an authority in your field and have devoted readers.

With Amazon Associates, you also get a commission if the customer buys anything else within 24 hours. Many sites were successful because they reviewed unusual items. Users got interested, went to Amazon and bought something else.

How many readers should I have?

Kunal, who reviews baby care products, suggests that you should have at least 40,000 visitors on your blog or site. “Let’s assume that only 1% of visitors will buy the product. If your commission is 100 INR ($1.5), then for 400 visitors you will get 400*100, i.e. 40,000 INR income ($600).”

What if I have no blog or site?

You can use a landing page. In your Amazon account, leave a link on a landing page where you will attract traffic from other sources — target or contextual advertisement.

There is an example of a successful mattress landing page.

Amazon Associates program: monetize your blog

Is the registration process difficult?

It is not but the moderation is strict. During the registration, provide reliable information since it is thoroughly checked by Amazon. Account approval may be extremely difficult because sometimes it is not clear why Amazon rejects the application. Fill in the registration form carefully and pay attention to your website description.

It is easy to sign up but you cannot reap the benefits of the program right away. You may start making money and if you are accepted you will get that money. If not, you’ll get nothing.

To avoid the rejection of your account when you started to earn money, read Amazon’s rules.

How much traffic should I have?

It’s not necessary to have huge traffic volumes in the beginning. However, according to Amazon’s policy, you should make at least one sell in three months.

How much money do people make?

The income is not limited. It may be $0 or $25,000. However, it’s unlikely than you will earn more than $5 in the first months.

Some examples:

A guy earns $4,500 on tech reviews. He managed to secure this income in four months.

Amazon Associates program: monetize your blog

Amazon opens after pressing the title or the picture.

$4,000 a month on a boat website after two years.

Amazon Associates program: monetize your blog

An affiliate link is designed like the “Click here” button.

$120,000 total for a photography site. There are articles about how to choose a camera and equipment for it.

Amazon Associates program: monetize your blog


  • Amazon is a big brand that has a lot of devoted customers
  • Free registration
  • No requirements on minimum traffic volumes.
  • A great variety of products you can promote.
  • You can earn income on Amazon beyond the products that you promote on your site. If a user clicks on your affiliate link and purchases any product, you also gain commission from any other products purchased at that time.
  • Amazon helps your customers finalize purchases by sending abandoned cart emails and pitching related products after your customer makes a purchase.


  • Modest commission rates: 6-10%. Sometimes even 1%. Everything depends on a niche.
  • After the 24 hours referral link limit, you will not get a commission for products. However, cookies are valid for 90 days if a customer adds a product to a cart.
  • Email advertisement is prohibited
  • Amazon does not allow PayPal as a payment option.
  • Amazon bannes affiliates for violating the rules. They have a long and unreadable document detailing the Affiliate program policies which they constantly change.
  • Affiliate support is not friendly. Mostly it is difficult to recover your account once it is banned. Affiliates often have to start everything all over again.

Amazon Associates program: monetize your blog

Payment methods

  • Direct deposit for the USA residents
  • Gift Certificate
  • Check

Payments are made monthly.

How to choose a product?

Amazon Associates program: monetize your blog

According to Amazon’s official commission table, you will get 8% for Furniture

  • Think about something you are good at, passionate about, or interested in. If you are an authority in your field, people will listen to you.
  • Advertise only quality products. Otherwise, you will lose the customers’ trust.
  • Pick a niche depending on a commission rate. According to Amazon’s official commission table, you will get 8% for Furniture and only 1% for Video Games.

Amazon Associates program: monetize your blog

  • Pick a product people tend to buy online. Clothes are bought less often than electronics.
  • Additional products sell well. Like camera accessories.
  • Choose a 100$ or even more expensive product. Otherwise, the commission is too small.

So, remember

  • Respect Amazon rules, or you will be banned.
  • Pay attention to the registration.
  • Pick the niche wisely.
  • Useful content + good design + direct links.
  • Attract customers to Amazon. For any purchase, you get a commission.
  • Think about your customers. Don’t advertise luxury cosmetics to college students.
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