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Editor’s letter 20.05-25.05

Hi everyone! As usual, I’m writing an open letter where I’m trying to gather the most important and interesting information from and about our editorial team.

Last week was so fast paced and exciting that weekends seemed to be a necessity rather than a fancy. After all, we recorded 4 podcasts alone! They cover a wide range of topics from teaser ads to PWA apps. Next week we will start working on the recorded audio files to publish the podcasts as soon as possible. I’m very glad that major experts visit us and openly share their knowledge.

I sincerely believe that information must be open in a sense that it must be shared. I don’t believe in some sacred ideas. I don’t believe that some knowledge should be kept secret. He who gives receives. In Ancient Rome, wise men used to say, “I do that you may give, I give that you may do.” In ZorbasMedia, we try to give that you may do. To that end, we are holding practice-oriented workshops, for instance. The latest workshop took place last week (the workshop was held in Russian). It was dedicated to working with push traffic. We have only covered the theory yet, but next week we will deal with practical aspects. You can watch a recording of the theoretical part if you have missed it. Jot down that the practical part of the workshop will take place on May 30. See you there!

By the way, last week we were nominated for an international award as the best affiliate media. Awards are not that important for me personally, unlike the recognition of the audience. So, if you think that what we do is useful and valuable and our media deserves praise, then vote for us — the readers’ recognition is by far the most important thing for the editor-in-chief.

Another thing I would like to remind you of: if you work with traffic, then you should know that we are currently holding a competition jointly with a YepAds CEO. We came up with an idea for this competition during our interview. The rules are simple: send us (editor@zorbasmedia.com) any case on working with this network, the author of the best case will get an iPhone XS. I think it’s a great bonus. Prizes for the competition have also been provided by our friends from Megapu.sh.  

Well, what else? I cannot help but mention our article on affiliates and where to find them. We published the first part of our article on best places for digital reclusion based on the openness and size of the affiliate community. As the saying goes, one affiliate no affiliate, which basically means that the exchange of knowledge and experience is extremely important in our industry. The second part will be published next week.

We also made an overview of major payment services used to transfer money in affiliate marketing. This article is a must-read, as the more options you have to receive and send money, the more opportunities you have in general. Some networks may just not work with a certain payment system that you prefer to use. In our article, we cover commissions, specifics of money transfer and what a certain service is best suited for. Use it well.

To conclude, I’d like to mention two news articles we published. The first news is that Facebook is going to introduce ads in WhatsApp Stories, thus establishing a new traffic source. The second news is that Spain is planning to ban gambling ads. This will open up new opportunities. You know what I mean. That’s it for today. Have a good day! Looking forward to seeing you on our media’s virtual platforms next week.


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