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Affiliate’s guide to Prague

TES, an offline event for Affiliates, Media Buyers, Advertisers & Publishers, is taking place in Prague on September 13-16.

In honor of this event, ZorbasMedia compiled a guide to the best entertainment spots of Prague, including bars, restaurants and night clubs.


So, the Czech Republic is well-known for its drinking traditions and drinks that originated there. Here are a few traditional Czech drinks (they guarantee a good time and, possibly, a hangover).


Beherovka is a delicious, traditional herbal liqueur. It has a rich flavour that makes it perfect to either drink as it is or mixed. The beverage is produced in Karlovy Vary, the Czech Republic by the Jan Becher company. It is made from a secret recipe based on more than twenty types of herbs and spices. It’s great served as a frozen shot, or with tonic water.


One of the most famous and popular spirits is the bitter herb-based Fernet Stock. This bitter liqueur is often compared to Jägermeister, as it has a similarly herbal flavor. It is usually consumed straight up in a shot, but can also be mixed with tonic water and served over ice (this is called a Bavorák).


Slivovice is Czech for plum brandy. It is widely produced in a Moravian district. As plums are not the only fruit grown in Moravia, you will likely also encounter variations on slivovice based on other fruit, for example: hrušovice from pears, merunkovice from apricots or broskovice from peaches to name a few.

If you are not the drinking sort (wink-wink), then you can test your luck and try to find something to smoke.

Where and how to find weed

Weed in Prague is decriminalized and somewhat available for purchase. However, you can’t buy it in just a grocery store.

“A beer and an ounce” that’s a go-to phrase for you guys looking to score.
And here is a very bud-smoking friendly place.

U sudu

Vodičhkova 677/10

A basement bar with an interesting decor and open-minded attitude. 

A few tips

Don’t trust street vendors, unless you want to smoke some oregano or other herbs (not the ones you are looking for) and they will probably rip you off. 

Be subtle because, nobody likes a noisy ill-mannered tourist, be nice and chill. 

The chances are you can find something, or at least someone willing to help you in gentlemen’s clubs, which we talk about next. 

Gentlemen’s clubs

Neon Club

Balbinova 21

This is a 3-story club, with first floor being a stripclub with a twist, so to say, a wide selection of sex toys is available there, so you can get imaginative there.
The second floor is a stripbar in more traditional sense: grab a drink and enjoy the show.
And the third floor is a proper sports bar, so you can catch a game there. 

Sexy Sauna Club

Ve Smečkách 19

Well, that’s not a strip club, but a place definitely worth coming to, especially if you are exhausted after a full day of networking, masseuses there will make sure that you relax there. 

Also you can find a small cinema, with a very particular repertoire and VIP room, you can have a proper meal there and they offer free transportation for the customers. 

Darling Cabaret

Ve Smečkách 32

One of the biggest and most popular adult clubs in town is Darling Cabaret. 

This place is all about shows and entertainment, and they offer limos for those willing to come!

So, you are relaxed and rested, now it’s time to hit the clubs!


Lucerna Music Bar

Vodičkova 36

The club with retro atmosphere for 80s music lovers. Aside from disco nights, it also hosts musical concerts of prominent Czech and foreign bands. This place is known historically for its Jazz festivals. For example, Louis Armstrong visited their Jazz Festival in 1964.

Chapeau Rouge

Jakubská 2

Bar, nightclub & live music venue spread over 3 floors with a lineup of international artists. It is a place in the city centre which dates back to 1919. Music shows often take place in all three floors at once, and it’s not unusual to be listening to funk in the bar area, to modern house on the floor below and to indie rock 7 meters underground. Shows usually end up in the early morning. If you go to the lowest floor you just may find a guy from whom you can purchase some marijuana. 


Dlouhá 33

The club’s interior features unique art and colourful decor. A cafe, gallery and theatre NoD also operate on the first floor in symbiosis with the ROXY — a truly multidimensional place which transforms into many shapes.


If you are a foodie, than it would be a shame not to try what local cuisine has to offer.


These pancakes are typically rolled up and served with fillings such as jam, fruit, cream or nuts. Also, there are also available stuffings of cheese, meat and spinach. So it can be either a dessert or a meal. 


These pastries are Transylvanian and Slovakian in origin but commonly found around Central and Eastern Europe in countries such as Hungary, Austria, Romania, and the Czech Republic.

The trdelník is usually served warm and topped with a dusting of sugar, nuts or cinnamon. This dish is made by wrapping the pastry around a stick and roasting it over an open flame until golden brown and crispy on the outside, and tender and gooey in the middle. After that, it is coated with sugar or cinnamon.


The entree is made of pork roasted in onion and caraway gravy and served with stewed cabbage and bread dumplings. 


If you are looking to test your luck and have a good time than you can visit a casino, here’s a few.

Casino Admiral Kleopatra

Náměstí Republiky 1078/1

Located inside Palladium Shopping Center at the Republic square in Prague 1, Casino Admiral Kleopatra offers a wide range of gaming options. Live games include cash games, such as American Roulette, Blackjack and Ultimate Texas Hold’em. There is a huge choice of slot machines and electronic roulette machines.

Visitors mention that location of the casino is very convinient, despite being located in a shopping mall.

Rebuy Stars Casino Savarin

Na Příkopě 10

Casino with 6 American Roulette tables, 3 Black Jack tables, 2 Oasis Poker tables, 1 Easy Hold’em table. The casino is a walking distance away from the Můstek subway station. 

Visitors mention that the staff is very friendly and welcoming. 


La Degustation

Haštalská 18

The place with an open kitchen and luxurious decor offers a seasonal selection of products from farmers, foragers and hunters. The food is loosely based on a famous late 19th Century Czech cookbook. A lot of energy is put into sourcing ingredients with the aim to bring out the unique essence of each in cooking. The food is served on anything from clay plates to rocks or cobblestones.


U Milosrdnych 12

This restaurant has got his Michelin star only a year since its opening. The presentation of dishes is fascinating while cooking is solid. The place is famous for its sauces too. The decor is very clean with bare white walls and colorful yet unobtrusive video art projected on the ceiling.


Petrská 25

A fun neighbourhood eatery that uses organic meat from the owner’s butcher’s shop. Dishes have an Asian base and could include the likes of soft shell crab sliders or dry sweet pork with coconut rice and papaya; at dinner, they serve a 6 course tasting menu. Some tables are for sharing.


Franz Kafka Museum

Cihelná 2b

“The unique space of the Herget Brickworks in the Lesser Town on the bank of the Vltava River is home to a museum which exhibitions offers insight into the world of Prague-born Franz Kafka (1883–1924), one of the most important figures in 20th century world literature. The exhibition features most of the first editions of Kafka’s works, correspondence, diaries, manuscripts, photographs and drawings that have never been displayed before.”

Charles Bridge

This bridge, Prague’s most iconic landmark, connects Old Town and Lesser town. It was built in 1357 by King Charles IV. Baroque statues line the sides of the pedestrian bridge along with myriad vendor’s stalls, musicians, performance artists and beggars. 

The Strahov Monastery and Library

Library and Monastery dates back to the 12th century. The most important buildings are two libraries decorated in a Baroque style. They have painted ceilings and ceiling frescoes. The libraries contain many rare old volumes and manuscripts, including the famous 9th-century Strahov Gospel.

For Russian affiliates


Anenska 197/1

An incredibly stylish place in the historical heart of Prague, right near one of the most important sightseeing points of the Czech capital city, the Charles bridge.

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