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ZorbasMedia editors write in two languages: Russian and English. Accordingly, all formats can be integrated on both versions our website.

For banners, reviews, and affiliate posts, reach out to:
Alexandr ZM
Sales manager
For cooperation and media partnerships, link up with:
PR manager
  1. The maximum banner weight is 5MB, and it’s recommended to keep it as light as possible. Banners are displayed without any loss of quality and in the resolution specified in the Guidelines.
  2. Please be aware that there is an Advetising bar in the upper right corner of all banners. Avoid placing important elements in this area to prevent overlapping.
Located at the top of all pages except Reviews. Provide us with two file formats: for desktop and for mobile version.
Site-wide banner (on all pages)
Located on the main page (between Blogs and Bonuses) and on all pages of the site at the bottom
There are two of these banners on the site, located one on top of the other (desktop). The mobile version features them in a horizontal format integrated into the article, approximately 25% and 50% deep into the text.
There are two of these banners on the site, located one on top of the other (desktop). The mobile version features them in a horizontal format integrated into the article, approximately 25% and 50% deep into the text.
Please provide us with a single file on a transparent background, such as your logo or another eye-catching symbol. You can even consider a small animated file if it fits your requirements. Remember, it's important for the image to be highly recognizable and attention-grabbing. Avoid creating a square banner, as it may not blend seamlessly with the content. Let's strive for an organic and visually appealing design.
It is located in the header of the site, next to the language and theme selection menu.
Promotional formats

It is possible to integrate several formats at ZorbasMedia, and we are happy to discuss your ideas and suggestions.

Alexandr ZM
Sales manager
More about formats:

Text-based integrations

  • Articles — engaging text content published in our website and on social media channels, including case studies, guides, and regular columns.
  • Special project — a series of articles or videos focusing on specific topics.
  • Corporate blog — content published on our blog section, covering your news, industry insights, and trends.
  • Company review — detailed reviews, that may include a video (screen capture with voice-over).
  • Sponsored post — promotional content shared on social networks and sponsored articles on our website. Integration into our weekly email newsletter is also included.
  • Bonuses section — a promo code from the partner in the list of bonuses
  • Quiz — Interactive quizzes on topics related to affiliate marketing or entertaining quizzes.
  • Vacancy placement — advertise job openings on our HR ZorbasMedia Telegram channel.
  • Black Friday, Cyber Monday — annual selection of special offers from partners, presented in text format or in the Bonuses section with promotion on social media. ZorbasReport — annual report on the affiliate market with comments from our friends and partners.

Video formats

  • Exclusive interview — engage your audience with an exclusive interview featuring industry experts.
  • Live Stream with an expert — live video stream on YouTube (in the studio or via videoconferencing), live broadcasts on Telegram, Instagram (audio recording can be published as a podcast).
  • Podcast with an expert — audio format is posted on all major podcast platforms, video format on YouTube (studio recording)
  • Promotional integration in video formats — explore various promotional opportunities such as pre-roll ads, push notifications, and stream sponsorship in video formats.
A comprehensive text review of your company, along with a customized design for the review page. Your review will be featured in the general list within our Reviews section. Also, the review can be pinned to the list of reviews (maximum 3 places). Available Additionally, we offer the option to pin your review to the top of the review list, ensuring maximum visibility (up to 3 places). To inquire about available dates and pricing, please contact our Sales Manager.
Blog on the site authored by your company, offering the option to publish articles during the paid subscription period (3, 6, and 12 months).

Write to @salesZM for create blog
Text insertion in all articles. Used only to promote articles published on our website!
Placement is available for a fixed period (day, week, month), after which the post is deleted. We offer publishing on Telegram+VK or Telegram only, with the possibility of posting on Instagram stories (to be discussed individually).

IMPORTANT: We do not advertise training courses and account stores, and we do not allow pinned posts on Telegram or Instagram.
Static or animated banner laid over the live stream window.

Please refer all issues to our Telegram chat with your company or contact Sales manager.

Alexandr ZM
Sales manager
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