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Making and editing your creatives

Making and editing your creatives

Developing creatives consumes time and effort. You can spend hours and hours editing pictures in Photoshop and rendering videos using tools of varying complexity. Or, say, you don’t want to make an effort and just take some creatives from a spy-tool. It is pretty obvious, that you need to make it unique and rather quickly. You will also need multiple versions of the creative for testing.

To achieve both goals you can resort to various services, that enable you to quickly design the necessary videos and pictures, create infographics or gif-animations. In this article we list 7 services that will make your life easier.

Infographics and pictures


This online service is suitable for creative development for VKontakte, Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest. Most of the features are free. There are also some premium features, these are purchased separately, regardless of the plan ($1 each). In fact, the free feature set is quite vast, so this version is sufficient for the majority of tasks.


  • About a hundred themed templates.
  • Large database of images (you can also upload your own).
  • Teamwork mode (up to 10 people).

Here the creative for gambling offers, that we made with Canva:

Sign up and get 20 free spins!

Price: from 0 to $12.95 per month.


Another service similar to the first one, however it is focused on infographics and charts, as well as gif-animation. There is a free version with functional limitations.


  • Large selection of templates.
  • Data uploaded in Excel format from Google, Dropbox or from your PC.
  • Flexible tools for creating social networks-oriented content.
  • You can share a link to your project, however, only the paid version guarantees data privacy, otherwise, your link is available to everyone.

We attempted to make a GIF using the free version of this service, and here’s the result we’ve got:

Super mega great courses. We'll make you rich! In 5 days. Before/After.

The website did let us download the image we’ve created, requiring to switch to a paid plan.

We have found the way out by recording a video of the screen and then converting it to GIF format using Ezgif (read more about this service below).

Price: from 0 to $149 per month.

Photo editing


This service is very simple, yet useful and totally free. Its only drawback is that the only format it can process is photos of people.


  • You can remove the background just in a few clicks.
  • You can also set a different background using the same tool.
  • Edits only photos of people.

We were able to bring our editor from the world of video games to reality in a split second:

removing the background from photo

And then we have sent him to TES 2019 in Prague:Sasha in Prague

Price: free.


Another free service for photo editing. It may be used for a quick editing when you need to give your picture a unique look.

This service is similar to Lightroom, but it works online and takes way less of your time.


  •     Filters
  •     Retouching
  •     Correction
  •     Cropping
  •     Rotation and reflection
  •     Leveling
  •     Vignette
  •     Blurring
  •     Clarity

Photo before and after editing process

Price: free.



This service allows you to convert video formats to GIF and vice versa. It’s vital for making creatives.

In addition, you have access to various tools such as:

  • clipping,
  • change of resolution;
  • adding text;
  • special effects;
  • making your own GIFs (by combining several pictures).

Ezgif interface

Price: free.


This is a superb tool that comes for free. It allows you to quickly create an attractive GIF to cater for any taste, using vast database of templates.

Here’s a creative for dating or video games we made in just two minutes:

Press to play. Hot. On the picture: nude girl

Price: free.



Using this simple tool, you can create a video using a set of templates, pictures, video fragments or music of your own There is a comprehensive music library and a wide range of templates and features (paid version). Video is rendered on the server, it guarantees high speed regardless of your hardware.

Interface Animoto

Price: from $0 to $39 per month.

If you want to know more about making and editing video creatives, click here and read the article.

So, now you are fully prepared and can start creating tasty creatives right away. We wish you top conversion and may green ROI be with you!

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